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This morning starts with some 'oh, fek' feelings over the one that got away, being brought to my thoughts again, as happens when I'm least expecting it. Oh well. Spilt milk and all that. Still, it's rare for a week to go by without missing him in some form or another, or just wishing for that old photo in my wallet, a small rememberance of something more solid...

Well, not that solid, but he was a good mate, I was deeply, deeply dippy in lurve and that's about all she wrote. Repeat once or twice more and then endure years of bitter spinsterhood after a couple of really toxic blokes.

Still, I was sexually assaulted on the bus last night! Whee! I've not been sexually assaulted on public transport in ages, so I was feeling past it, haggard, old, ugly, crone like. Used to be I couldn't go a week without some form of unwanted advance, but these days, it's thin on the ground. Yes, this is my world, where an unwanted grope by a smelly old scrote lifts my self esteem no end.

Smelly old drunks and freaks and weirdos I can still manage. Alas no longer the suited businessmen and their Heralds, whoops, did I just grab your left boob and give it a twist, so sorry, I thought I was turning the page. Yeah, right. I 'd like to see them try and wedge their hand between my now chubby and newly hairy thighs these days under the cover of their broadsheets.

Ah, days of yore.

In other news, I think I'm developing narcolepsy, or just a few lateish nights in front of the boob tube and doing the work of many is taking a wee bit of a toll. Because I just blacked out in front of the tv. I can't remember going to sleep. One minute I was watching Charmed, the next minute it was the end credits of the second hour of SVU. Oh well. Turned over to Seven, after a brief stop at Cliveland on UKTV, and watched Angel. Poor Wes, he's gone completely round the bend and still Angel is all about Wes delivering on his work commitments. Do I feel empathy for poor Wes? Rather. He's grieving, he's clearly not coping, and it's all about getting the job done. Oh yeah. I know that place.

The old time loop episode? Well, at least they did something new with it.

Then I watched Dark Angel, a boring arc story, then Now and Again. It was the one where he spends most of the episode in a tux, so I was happy. Ended up watching Relic Hunter because some huge and heavy freight train was making sleep impossible, but the moment L&O came on again, I was out like a light.

Out like a light was me this morning. My alarm went off, so I turned it off, turned on the light, and 40 minutes later I wake up again, in a panic. Skipped my shower (I had one last night anyway) and just made the bus, but, gosh. I don't even remember closing my eyes, I just lost 40 minutes. Freaky. Maybe I'm being abducted by aliens - grin.

A coworker just looked at me with that shaking head pitying half smile that's reserved for the feeble minded and small children. Well, I suppose I look a bit rough after a weird night and my dash from bed and pjs into whatever clothes were lying at the foot of the bed and up to the bus stop in 15 minutes. Either that or she knew that I was about to attempt another cup of tea from the hot water tap. Eeeew. It's so not the same, or right, or proper.

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