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I was busily, if regretfully, unsubbing from a pile of lists, due to increased work commits, and I found a stack of stuff I and my Bro had scanned re Sam Neill and posted to yahoogroups last year. So, in case you missed them, here they are, again.

Sam: Pavement #62 Summer 03/04 NZ


Sam: Death in Brunswick

Sam: Dity Deeds

Sam: Dirty Deeds

Sam: Dirty Deeds

Sam: Reilly Ace of Spies

Sam: Robbery Under Arms

Sam: Umbrella Woman

Sam: My Brilliant Career

Sam: Sirens

Sam: Film Review #640 February 2004 UK

Sam: Starburst #358 Febraury 2002 UK

Sam: Starburst #358 Febraury 2002 UK

Sam: Who 1 December 2003 AU

Sam: Who 1 December 2003 AU

Sam: In Style October 2003 AU

Sam: Daily Telegraph 14 August 2004 AU

Sam: Daily Telegraph 8 March 2004 AU

Sam: Entertainment Weekly #740 5 December 2003 US

Sam: OK #398 3 December 2003 UK

Dirty Deeds

Alessandro: Sydney Morning Herald 7 November 2003 AU

Alessandro: Filmink vol 7 7 December 2003 AU


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