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well, I'm feeling nervous...

The planets have resettled, and once again my luck is f*cked. First off, the kettle is broken. Which means no cups of tea. This is a calamity. This is an absolute disaster.

Then every c*nt decided to come in wearing perfume I'm hugely allergic to. I was just being destroyed, sore throat, sneezing, everything running. Utter misery. So I popped an allergy tab, non drowsy, no kidding, and everything is worseworseworseworseworseworseworseworse and I've got all this work to do, like urgenturgenturgenturgent and I can't concentrate and I feel raw and awful and I keep stuffing up and then I just shake with annoyance and it all gets worseworseworseworseworseworseworseworse and then head office yellsyellsyells because it all had to be up yesterday and I shakeshakeshakeshake some more.

So much for a quiet day musing upon which limbo fic I was going to get back to first. Allergy pills always beat the poor muse to bloody death. There will be no writing this week, as idealised.

I hatehatehatehate them. Some people are just so selfish, just so willing to callously inflict utter misery on others. Forget smoking, outlaw perfume. I feel wretched. I want to go home. [Lucy]Whaaaaaaaaah[/Lucy].

Well, okay, I wanted to go home and watch Vig vids before they all came in, but, you know. Gak and feh.

And I was so in the zone, you know, the muse place. Now my poor brain is crispy fried. There aren't enough herbal teas in the world to coax me down again. Grizzle. Snarl.

At least I got home in time to feed a couple of birds and watch the sun set last night, and it was a sunset to behold. Shoulda too a photo.

Last night's tv: Family Guy managed to include Willy Wonka and The Incredible Hulk in the same episode. Chortle. Wheeze.

Doctor Who featured evil morris dancers, and you know there are few things I love more than evil morris dancers, so I was stoked. Please, please put this on dvd so I can add to my evil morris dancers collection :)

Then it was Dark Angel and Without a Trace. An actual episode and an actual new episode, fer once. Okay, am I the only person to think it's entirely f*cked that Channel Nine introduces this one new episode every so often policy after it's abandoned in the US because it pisses off the audience and they stop watching altogether? Bizarre.

So, anyway, Martin fessed up to being a Bad Cop, after the report came back clearing him. Doofus. Though Jack was annoyed with him, it seemed very much that the office culture was geared to protecting Martin. Interesting. Meanwhile, a closeted gay guy gets clobbered by his closeted lover's wife because he was about to decloset. Tragic, but entirely plot by numbers and like I didn't know Laura Palmer did it, sheesh. But kudos for actually having a gay plot on US telly, for remembering that a lot of gay guys are married with kids (I know a few in RL), and for having the whole thing start with a high school reunion, because, man, reunion outings are just sooo the cliche.

I mean, really. It's like they suddenly chhose this forum to announce: "Guess what, I'm gay". And I'm thinking: "Honey, the only person who didn't know was you, glad you caught up on that, finally". I mean honestly, am I supposed to be stunned? Like I didn't know, like it would change the way I feel about them. Actions and personality, not sexuality, are what count with me. Especially when I've known folks who changed their sexuality as often as they changed their hair colour. "I'm Bi and blonde this week". Whatever.

So, nicely relevant episode. I kinda liked the murdering wife. Yeah, it's very soap opera, but kinda real, too, on account of the public humiliation factor (which is uncool, and unfair but it's there, make no mistake). Bad enough for working class schmucks like me, imagine what it'd be like to be rigidly middle class and outed as a chick with faulty gaydar?

So, hugely soapy, but interesting. And is it just me, or do all the gay episodes feature Martin? Are they trying to say something? Well, we're not up to the Martin/Sam yet, so I can get my slashy imagination run riot.

It's still unofficial Gigi week, as I spotted the lass while flipping channels apres WaT. She was in Day of The Roses on Hallmark, looking very young. I think it was the first thing she did, but don't quote me on that.

Oh, a friend just sent me a link for an MST3K site. Hmmm...maybe I should watch some MST3K tonight, to cheer up. I mean, it's not like I'm going to get to sleep tonight, now. And I need cheering up. Just missed out on a lunch date because of workworkwork.

Of course, it's kind of ironic that the kettle is broke, as I was going to bitch about how all the guys expect me to fill it up, to the point of placing plastic cups upside down on top of it so I can see it needs filling from my desk. Excuse me, sir, but I think you've mistaken me for your maid. It's moot now. And I didn't bust it, it was working fine when I had my early morning cuppa - thank frell for that, eh. I'm absolutely gagging for another one, though, and you can't make a decent cup of tea from the hot water tap. Believe me, I've tried. I shall count down the hours until home time.

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