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I think the reason why they really want to keep me on is because I'm the only one who ever fills the bloody kettle. Men. Hmph.

And I mean that hmph. You'd think, in this day and age, that they'd look upon me as a skilled, professional co-worker and not the maid, yet all those odd jobs fall distinctly along gender lines, ie I'm responsible for filling the kettle, cleaning the fridge and making sure the stationery cupboard is full.

Sure, I could do a go slow like I do at home, but that just leads to a dirty fridge, an empty cupboard and a boiled dry kettle. I guess that's why they call us the weaker sex: I always break first.

In other news, there was a marathon of tv watching last night. First off we had The Dæmons on Doctor Who (and what a trial of no show buses and running home it was to slam through the door with five seconds to spare). This is the stuff. I love this episode. I loved it then and I love it now. It's all gothic and creepy and just damn fabulous. It has everything I could ever want: UNIT, colourful locals in a pub, devil worship, witches, ancient barrows. That sort of stuff never happens to Julian, we joke. OMG, I could happily watch this over and over again. This was also the first time I'd ever seen it in colour, the ABC used to only have a B&W print. Oh hello to the 70s fashion travesties.

The sighting of the Empire State Building in Kojak was cause to carefully break into the Empire choccies I'd brought back, preserving the wonderful art deco wrapers. Then it was the rest of cough, Charmed, cough, for me.

Then it was Arthur, King of the Britons night as I wallowed in The Forsythe Saga followed by Second Sight. Ioan. Clive. Droool. With Damian drooling, too. It was Ioan's last episode as he came down with an acute case of horses hooves and wagon wheels, as my father remarked when viewing the original Forsythe Saga. Ah well.

Then it was over to Angel. Maybe it's because it's the end of an era, but even Connor episodes are tasty. No, I'm pretty sure this was actually damn good as they finally wrapped up the Connor story, gave it some meaning, rather than a blind alley they ran up for a couple of years, and it was all very nicely sewed up together. I was particularly fond of the ambiguous end, where we'll never know if Connor remembers or not. Classy, and sure to keep arguments going in the fandom for at least a few months more.

OMG this show is so bloody good. I loved every minute of it. Wes angst. Deserved Gunn torture. Even Connor was cool. Damn you, WB!!! Wail.

After that there was a Dark Angel that I'd somehow missed before now, and it was OMG slashy, only mostly eew slashy, but still, wtf? It seemed very, very, very Mary Sue as actual episode, with what felt like many nods and kicks to the fandom, and gratuitous slashy bits, which amused. I mean, there was this Manticore babe who was getting the guys to hug, just because she could. It just felt like I was watching bad mary sue slash, you know, the kind where the mary sue gets her guys to hug, just because. Weird. Seriously weird, but amusing, nevertheless. Cause, like, they were hugging.

This morning my muse was back, at bloody last, and I actually wrote a paragraph or two. Which means of course that I'm just being hammered with work right now. Frustration isn't a strong enough word.

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