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Life's little mysteries: who is the person who keeps leaving about 1cm of milk in the bottom of a plastic cup near the kettle all the time? Okay, yes, bad to be using plastic cups but since my Dept is all about concrete and steel now, that's neither here nor there. Is it one of the daft Brit buggers who think that milk should be warm and left out of the fridge? Hmph. In this country, we put our milk in the fridge, she says, returning a serve. Or is it left out for the fairies?

Obviously the faeries aren't interested in piffling milk offerings. Which means they'll have played merry hell with the servers again overnight - their favourite sport.

Another mystery solved. Finally figured out the flashes of light that get reflected on my screen lately: it's the early morning sun hitting the odd train as it scoots past. It's obviously a time of day/year phenom that I'd not observed before. I'm gonna miss my window.

Last night I nearly weakened and watched S2 Smallville. I'm gonna have to crack open the box sooner rather than later because what's the point of having it if I can't give Kerry Packer the big two fingered salute by playing it before S2 ever airs here.

But no, I remembered Minority Report was playing on Movie Network (and I still love my blankie, btw), and, well, Colin. Dear, sweet, cute as a button lil Colin. He just steals the fillum with a wink and a grin and I just love him to bits. He was also in it longer than I thought. I had remembered, imperfectly, that he bought it early on, but I must be too used to just ff-ing through all the TC bits, because dear lil Col actually made it nearly all the way up to the last reel, bless. I just adore him in this, he's such a little prick - playing to his strengths :D

So, the plot. Blade Runner meets Hitchcock, pretty much. It's not a bad film, a competent SF cop chase flick. I just love it for Colin. And Neal. Neal was in it too.

So I enjoyed myself. I was feeling a bit better, wandering around in my PJs and my foam Statue of Liberty crown - well, it had fallen down so I just popped it on for a giggle, but I made such cool shadows I actually had it on for about half an hour before I restored it to the top of my hat pile. Flicked through some books (bro had a book on old Tube posters that I snatched and adored) and mags and watched Col.

I do love the lad. Given a choice between Col and a trip to NY, I think now I'd choose Col. Just for those eyes, and that smile, and that feelthy sense of humour.

Not that I don't appreciate NY, not at all. I'm just picking at the scabs of coulda shoulda wouldas. It was over and done with too fast, and I never really had a chance to savour it, or really think upon it, lest it vanish in a puff of stage smoke. I think that's why I bought Y the present, because she was excited for me. She looked up the newspaper announcement and rang me - while I was too busy having a crap time at work.

Then there's the naysayers. You know, you visit Town A, and have a splendid time, but when you get back they demand to know if you did x, y and z, because you can't say you've been to Town A unless you've done X. y and z. So you sulk, and pout and rue the wasted trip. Then, by some miracle, you get back to Town A. So you do x, y and z like a good little girl. Ah, but did you do 1, 2 and 3, they demand. So you pout and fret some more. I hate people like that, yet I always let them piss on my memories. I guess I really am easily bullied.

So I put my coat into be cleaned and endured just a thin city coat, you know, the coats for women they sell in the cheap stores with no lining or anything. I used to endure twenty or so minutes of freezing at the bus stop and station because I knew once I got into the city it'd be milder, and the coat would roll up in my bag when I walked home.

These days it's cold all day, even at lunchtime, and I rarely walk home because it's too late, too dark and too dangerous. These days drivers would rather run you down than get home a second later. The near misses I've had. Yes, I may be four dress sizes bigger, and I hate it, but it's just too damn scary to try and walk home after dark.

Of course, there was no one on the bus to appreciate my sacrifice on their behalf. Typical. All my efforts and sacrifices unnoticed, all my good intentions straight to the flaming pits of hell. Like yesterday. I received a catalogue listing a dvd box that Bro wanted for very cheap. He grumbled that it was still twice that in the shops. I pointed out that according to the laws of the land he was perfectly entitled to ask for the box at the catalogue price. He snarled that I'd be embroiling him in some $40,000 law suit. What the? I merely meant: look here, that box you've been whining about is on special and if they won't sell it to you at the sale catalogue price, then simply bid them good day and leave. Simple as that. But all I get are snarls and grumbles. Why I bother sometimes I do not know.

Holy smokes. What just happened. I was called to a meeting. I thought it was just here's some work, no be off with you, wench. Nope. It was a one on one with Mr Big. But it was good (I'm just in fits because it was like going to see the head and I'm not dressed for it today - I wore a warm jersey top). He apologised, frell me dead, for anything that had been said to me by my elders and betters. I'm not getting shafted. My new job description is still being nutted out, but I'm needed, and, well, wow. Not sure if I'll like the new duties, but you never know. At least I'll be employed this time next month. Whoo! Though it'll involve even longer hours, I'm warned. Bye bye hopes of ever writing another fic. Sigh. But bills will be paid and this is good. Lookit, productive and full fee paying member of society.

Hey, notice how I kept my job and travelled after I started to restore my garden? Like the moment I moved my new lavender back, my luck changed for the better? Spooky, but a good spooky.

I get to keep my job. Phew. Now I think I need a bex and a good lie down, or at least another cup of tea. Shake. Sweat.

Or a slap up meal at Mrs Miggins pie shop. Heh. I did duck across and picked up a very cheap and nasty coat but it's soooo Police Woman, I just love it. Tomorrow will be Funky Friday, ya dig?

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