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Silly me, I rambled on yesterday about how lovely autumn was on my garden seat and I entirely forgot to post the piccies I had:

Dad's white cedar

Dad's ginko

my familiar currawong eating berries/nuts/seed delivery systems off the tree above me


Nana's geranium (my cutting thereof)

Okay, back to work, changing the name of the Dept on some 70,000 accumulated web pages (cms, we don't need no stinkin' cms). As always, those poor deck cards who had to repaint the roses in Alice in Wonderland exactly represent my career as a public servant, far more than I'm comfortable with. Scarier still, I played one of those very cards in a play in school. Yikes. Destiny or what.

I'm thinking it's time to get the old coat dry cleaned, methinks, as folks would rather stand in the freezing cold and wait for the next bus than share a bus with me. That's the rub, though. When I put my coat in, as I must, as it can obviously stand up by itself now, I'll be standing there in the dark and freezing cold in only a thin cotton blouse as it's me only coat. Bugger. Maybe I can find something old or something reserved for holidays in Scotland in February hiding in the back of the wardrobe that can be pressed into service.

I don't mean to reek, I'm just one of those unhappy folks who do, 2-3 showers a day in our water restrictive times notwithstanding. With lavender soap, even. Sigh. Would probably help if I didn't go to work all feverish and stoopid.

So, anyway, yesterday. Went to work wobbly. Had dreadful trouble with the PC and my poor addled brain. Only finished one site, and that was an effort. Toddled home late. Crawled straight into bed, still wobbly, and watched Doctor Who and Relic Hunter. Relic Hunter amused because there was Dunkie, again, popping up as a would be vamire. Snigger. It was silly, but amusing to suffer Dunkie two days in a row. Mind you, I'm working my way through S1, so Dunkie isn't quite the insufferable prick he became post Tess, which totally makes sense as a character through line, but still with the prissy priggishness of it all.

Watching the ol Doc amuse the natives with feeble magic tricks on whatever planet they're on this week, it made me wonder if he ever had cause to try and amuse his son's friends with feeble magic tricks for the simple minded. Heh, or, having seen those pics silverthoughts so very kindly scanned for me, was the Venusian death strike more called for (giggle, chortle). Considering what an overcaffinated little oik Jude looks like in those pics, probably, yes.

Hmmm, can we have Sean Pertwee and David Troughton in the new Who. Just because they rock, never mind my saddo fangirl tendencies. Actually, Sean and Dave in some Brit cop show would be the ticket, as Dave has a nice line in crusty, harrassed but forgiving police chiefs and Sean, well, he had a nice line in young head kickers and it's about time he took on the old crusty bastard cop role, you know, of the Dalziel school. Now that would totally rock. BBC or ITV, asap, si vous plais. My Friday night Brit cops are getting awfully thin on the ground (well, except Pascoe, who really can't call Dalziel the fat man anymore without irony).

And finally, this just cracked me up: (scroll down, keep scrolling...) ;p

Modern Day Heroes: The Irish government, for saving Bloomsday from evil copyright interference and stagnation - hooray!: Rejoyce... Irish MPs save festival

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  • Poscript, and definitely in the TMI category, so look away now, but I asked AP if she'd taken those pregancy pills that were banned in 1971, as women of my vintage are starting to show up as a significant stat for cancers in the down there regions. I thought it was a good bet, given AP's advanced years n all when she popped me out. At first she denied it, then we got yes, she'd been presribed it, yes she'd had a bottle, well, maybe she'd had one or two. Apparently, as well as running the risk of being infertile (cough, not really), side effects in girlies born to mthers who snarfed said evil drug include abby normal you know whats, you know, the whole Wagnerian opera I have to go through every month. Thank you Science and Technology. Appreciate it. Really. Well, at least it explains my travails in terms that don't involve 'hysterial female in need of a good seeing to', which is the only 'medical advice' I ever get. Grump. (Mind you, if Viggo was available, for, you know, an act of charity, I have precious little pride left...)


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