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As in my lunch. Sent pissy email to friend, friend meets me for lunch 15 mins later. And twas a good lunch, even though at coffee later, velvet seat plus velvet skirt meant a kind of velcro situation. Picked up some stuff for EvilPC (stop that, EvilPC) and even managed to make it back for my 2 pm meeting.

This has been a rough two weeks but this setting boundaries stuff is starting to work. Sure, I've blown up a few times, but only about issues that matter. I mean, my friends set boundaries all the time: don't phone me, don't email me, don't come within 100 metres. It's about time I started setting some of my own. Like don't be an hour late when I have to get back for my Mum's birthday, and don't tell me to take prozac when it was a contributing factor to my Dad's suicide. That's a big red button. Don't push it. (Weirdly, co-worker found one of Dad's old papers today. Made me so proud).

But yeah, this little wormie has turned this week. And it's kinda worked out, cause my coworkers like me now, they send me silly emails, and, laksa for lunch.

Okay, gotta go, Stargate on soon and I wanna write more Jack. Nothing like being shirty to bring forth the Jack Muse. (grin)

Not that I'm ignoring Ezra & Buck. Just needed to give Jack a turn. I'm really enjoying this fic, no matter how many people beg me to finish it now and quickly. I sense this'll be my last so I'm spinning it out. It's fun to write it from Jack's (mostly) POV. Oh yeah, better go. Was just on perving at the WB promos again. That Michael Rosenbaum is a sick fuck - I find that so attractive in a man (giggle).


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