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Well, I didn't get to see the transit of Venus because I had to stay back late and the webcast was firewalled. Grumble.

Not to fear. Came home to find the most interesting to squeeze package from Movie Network this time. Turns out I'd won a pack, blankie, cap and a cup of the deepest darkest midnight blue in a 'winter warmer' lucky draw prize. Yipeee! More loot, I love this. I really love this.

Which reminds me, time for my daily expression of love and devotion to Showtime Australia for my trip to NYC. Cash for comment? Bloody oath, yeah. You betcha.

So I saw bits of Relic Hunter, backed up PC (because everytime my lil voice whispers backup I do, because I've learnt to listen the hard way) and I had ever such a lovely collectoin of piccies, 99% of them from rightclicklick. Thanks, gals.

A kind soul also uploaded some Artie and chums pics to brit-actors. Lancelot. Guh. My lil Io-Io is all growed up. Guh and wibble. DRibble. DRool.

Slurp. Squelch.

Ahem. Where was I? Oh, right. Here, at work, all crampy. This time I promise I'll go home when I start turning purple and crosseyed with agony. So far so good. It is as I remembered: nothing does more for my cramps than slogging around Manhatten on foot.

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