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as god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

"An occultation of Venus is not half so difficult as an eclipse of the Sun, but because it comes seldom the world thinks it's a grand thing." - Mark Twain

"What do you think of when you hear the name Venus?"
"Flytrap." - WKRP

Well, it's another once in a lifetime astronomical event and while it isn't deeply overcast, it is all hazy with a light layering of puffy clouds. And besides which, I'm at work and in these times of one poor bastard doing the work of twelve, getting up and wandering about in search of a window to best view the transit of venus will not only earn you stares, but glares.

The transit of venus hold a particular significance for me though, for, after observing the transit of venus at Tahiti (and sampling the local girls, if the gossip is anything to go by), Cook and Co went and plonked a flag down some 50 or so kms east of here. Thus the Australian film industry was born - grin.

I'm having a day, btw. First of all, I'm awash with hormones with have, as usual, made me incredibly stupid and entirely unable to deal with the consequences.

Fer starters, I nearly set off to work in my Pjs, though I wish I could work in my pjs because they're all warm and fluffy and I could use being warm and fluffy right now. Then I get to work and discover I am keyless. So I stand outside in the dark, freezing cold, slowly turning blue like the Little Match Girl until somebody finally shows up to let me in. Key is not on my desk where I normally leave it. I ring home and it isn't there either. Mega panic ensues as I fear retribution for the loss of my key. Meanwhile, I decide to get myself a much needed cuppa and there in my drawer is my key. Someone must have found it and placed it there. Nice, yes, but panic inducing as it was the last place I looked.

Oh, but it gets better. Fearless Leader gets in and annouces that the spare PC I've been using (because I have so much work to do I often have one churning away so I work on PC2) was being sent back to gen pop. I'll need to copy everything I have on the hardrive to a CD first says I. Not to worry about making backups of your files, announces Fearless with malicious glee. I've already deleted all your folders.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. I'm afraid I spluttered. I raised my voice. I told him, shrilly, that deleting work without the option of a backup wasn't polite or professional. So he's in a mood. But honestly, could you just sit there and nod dumbly? That was months of work. Thank god I save off the scans onto a zip as I do 'em.

Uh oh...they just carted off the scanner. Now I really will have to try and install my ye olde scanner or cough up for a new one at home. Damn, it was a nice and convenient little arrangement I had going there.

Fortunately the work merde is cosmically balanced out as I came home to a recently won t-shirt, cd and poster. The poster is ok, the cd amusing (Smoke on the Water by Senor Coconut and his Orchestra?) but I lurve the t-shirt. That's so getting an outing ASAP. Of course, now I really pout if I don;'t win the big one. I'm so greedy and ungrateful. Another holiday, si vous plais. Tahiti sounds nice.

Watched Sammykins on Enough Rope last night. He was v.amusing, but getting on a bit now, my Sammy. Ah well. Daisy fans will kick themselves they missed it because they previewed the thingy Daisy did with Sam directing. It looked amusing in a pratfally kind of way. Looks like Sam has passive aggressive Daisy issues - smirk.

After that it Oz, and another dose of Ryan O'Riely who is quite my bad boy du jour. Spike's just a bad poet with a bad dye job, Ryan's the real sociopathic deal. Luverly. Not that I'd want a Ryan in RL, gracious, no, but on tv, he's quite the thing.

I wonder whatever happened to the lad who plays him (Dean Winters). He popped up in SVU for a season, then vanished. Perhaps he's off doing other stuff, or packing groceries at the local Piggly Wiggly? Yes, a quick google would provide instant answers but I'm old fashioned (and old, my knees, my old knees have started aching, I'm old, I'm old) and I like to ponder and let my imagine run riot, picturing him in Love Boat guest spots, before I do a definitive google for once and for all.

Okay, I checked. No Love Boat guest spots, but nothing really much else, either. Looks like he's busy putting the bread and breakables in the bottom of bags over at the Piggly Wiggly.

Oh, I also watched a coupla eps of my Coupling S2 dvd. There's a really cute interview with Jack on the second disk, too. He's a funny boy, that one. Actually, seeing Jack just being Jack, and he really reminds me of a childhood friend: being posh, English and ever so slightly wicked. Kind of cute and disturbing, realising I still really like that type. Kinda really disturbing to realise that there might be some transference going on. Ah well, to hell with it. Jack's just so darn adorable and cheeky, what's not to love?

I never did get to do the bird watching tour at the Met, ah well, but I did indulge in some bird spotting at the AGNSW. It's quite fun. I asked Bro if he'd ever curate a bird watching show. He agreed it would be quirky, possibly a book rather than a show. I then suggested he should collect cow pictures into another book for AP, an insane old woman with an udder fixation, but he does love her cow pictures, and, again, the AGNSW has some beauts. It's not the Met, to be sure, but it's a small and quirky collection of Victoriana, to be sure.

I'm still trying to pay for things with dimes and quarters. Usually I try to practice coin segregation, but when that security bitch turn out all my coat pockets, pack pockets and purse pockets, everything went all ahoo and it remains in a state of ahoo. I still haven't got myself sorted out. Maybe an early night and a job for the evening, perhaps? Yeah, right. Me, work less than ten hours? If only.

Of course, it wouldn't so bad if their 5 cents weren't the size of our ten cents and vice versa. It's designed to drive me nuts, and doing an admirable job of it so, thus far. Nor could I find the little purse of coins and small bills I keep optimistically for my next trip. I do so love repatriating old coins. Now I have a pile of shiny pennies and no penny stamping machines to mush them in. And I only got one new penny stamp: at the Empire State Biilding. And it was misalingned. Pout.

And, whaaah, Sean's in NYC, and I'm not. Wail. Stamping of feet.

Speaking of Sean, I've gotten over myself. I found a few more of those old Sean scans I did nearly a decade ago floating about on the flist as I finally caught up. I've decided to be touched and bemused that they're still out there, outlasting both scanner and father, and even the website, I suppose.

I'm still pouting that I never got my copy of Brokeback Mountain signed, though in retrospect it's a good thing I forgot to pack it. I still can't get over the sight of that security bitch pounding my book on the counter. I've never seen anything like it, though the theme from 2001 keeps popping into my head. Chortle. Still, it's not really that funny. What is it they say? Those who burn books also burn people. Scary but true.

"As god is my witness, I thought turkey's could fly." I've come across that line twice in the last 24 hours and it still makes me cry laughing. American tv is much like America, bloody good when it's good, and, decades on, I've never seen anything funnier. In the pre PC days, the turkeys hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement had my father and I in absolute tears (and we could never look at a turkey again without tittering). It was more like the dark whimsey we were used to in British comedy. Nevetheless, that WKRP episode is an absolute classic, and it still makes me LOL at just the one line.

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