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I made a fire and watching burn...

Disgruntled public servants...don't care if the freshly used tea bag makes the shot or not.

And trust me, I am so disgruntled. Wasted another morning trekking into the city for another dressing down. Why they can't just say, yo, jet-lag girl, ya made a boo boo, so I could apologise and fix it on the spot, instead of saving up all my errors of coding and procedure, because they never me me the procedure or design or anything has changed until I've carried on for about a month in blissful yet erroneous ignorance. Ack.

I had a BF who used to do that. Tot up my infractions into a nice tidy list to be presented at my monthly performance reviews. I just don't have the words to describe how much I hate it, hate it, hate it. If I screw up, tell me, right there and then, so I'll do my bloody best not to do it again. Don't tell me and I'll end up doing it often, and in public, as Tara once lamented. (I miss Tara - got home to watch some Buffy yesterday).

Anyways, that's the work merde. I think I'm gonna have to bring in my siuitcase to take everything home, because I've kind of moved in here. I even have a drawer full of crockery, cutlery etc because I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at my desk. Not to mention the Xmas decs, the text books, etc. The postcard collection has already gone home.

I'm still in a weirdly dissociative, Donnie Darko like mood. Maybe it's the flu, lingering jet-lag (my ears are still popping), pms and a general sense of post holidays blues and work merde. That and I've got bloody Tears For Fears songs stuck in my head. Argh.

Watched Without A Trace last night. Well, most of it. Fortunately I taped it (had me one of Dr Karl's micro sleeps). It featured Vince Colosimo, another Aussie (I told ya there'd be Aussies showing up if there were Aussies in the cast, it's a mateship thing). Poor Vince did the whole teen thing then grew up into a solid character actor but never made the leap to US productions but apparently this guest spot led to more guest spots and now he has a film, so yay Vince. Blimey, will the last actor to leave Oz please turn out the lights :)

So anyway, it was rather good, and amusing to see the Aussies taking centre stage in a US cop show (like they don't have enough cop show experience - chortle). Heh, does it count as local content?

Speaking of local cop shows, set those vcrs: Jack in the box

And finally, I know RPS is bad, wrong, evil, an affront to the laws of man and God, etc, but sometimes, just sometimes, a gal finds a piccie that just screams 'Wedding Photo!' and is too good not to share: Jake and Dennis say it with flowers

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