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  • Mon, 06:29: Started the washing in crisp clear starlight (what I have to do if I want to get a load on before work). Now the line is vanishing into the smog (fog and hazard burn). Lovely.
Tags: #greekromanart, #themet, twitter

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    Tue, 17:35: RT @ statelibrarynsw: 🚂All aboard! This illustration of 'Sydney railway terminus by night' was a supplement to the Illustrated…

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    Mon, 17:37: RT @ rejectnation: Gamera may have begun as a cheap Godzilla knockoff, but the flying fire-breathing turtle has earned his place at…

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    Sun, 17:03: RT @ DingoResearch: If you’ve never heard a #quoll before, audio on for this one.

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