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I think I should go home during daylight hours today. Not just because I feel awful (which I do), but because one of my currawongs just popped up outside my window to see where I was. Aw, sweet, and kinda stalky.

They did miss me while I was away, though whether it was just my spoiling them with snacks we'll never know. Nevertheless the moment I arrived home they all gathered about, singing big long pretty songs, not just the usual 'feed me now' squawks.

Didn't do much last night bar necessary web admin, and reading the day's papers. Worked right through Relic Hunter (which was really, really bad anyway if the groans from the peanut gallery where anything to go by). I could have tried reading or watching something else, but I was just so damn tired.

And the house is a wreck. I haven't even unpacked. Oh dear. Oh well.

At least the friend I brought the Macy's bag home for really loved it. I knew she would. She was so excited for me, much more than I was (because I couldn't quite believe it and nasty folks whispered things like it was all some cruel joke), she even rang up when the announcement was in the paper. So she has her Macy's mag and she's happy, which makes me happy.

Update: Brilliant, just brilliant. It might be a perfect brisk lavender smudgy Autumn day outside, but in here I've got a tumping headache and, as if that wasn't enough, Fearless Leader has brought his brat in for the day and the little bastard is thumping the divider that my desk is against, so that everything shudders. Like I need anymore thumping. And while I'm trying to fix up fiddly graphics, which my cheap desk swaying back and forth, it's like trying to tread a needle in an earthquake. If the little arsehole kicks any harder he'll bring down my text books on top of me. I am fed up. Once I get these pdfs up and approved, I'm out of here.

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