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31 May 2004.

So I was sick, really sick, and Thursday night, Friday and most of Saturday pass in a blur of shivering and sweating fever dreams so lurid that not even my favourite Vertigo artists could come close to capturing it. Man, did someone slip acid in my drink?

Watched some tv but I can't really remember it. Read some of the week's newspapers, that's a blur too.

Incredibly, or perhaps stupidly, I get up on Saturday because Saturday night is my school reunion. Not highschool reunion but primary (grade?) school reunion. I'd not seen some of these folk since I was 11 and I couldn't miss it. So I was picked up by old friends (it's scary how many have moved back to the area) and off we went to Sydney's most authentic Irish pub (which doesn't make up for missing out on the Pig and Whistle but it's a start). It is a great boozey, smokey night and I get to meet up with folks I'd not seen. We all turned out rather well for a poor working class state school, I must say. One old friend is now a lawyer and politician, the boy who used to flick paint on me is now a visual artist, and the boy who lived down the road now teaches tae kwon do at the local community hall. A great night. I had fun.

I come home sneezing and coughing blood with very drunk friends, but it was worth it.

Sunday, natch, was spent in bed but that was okay because my wee man, aka Col, was in BallyK. Aw, cute. Slept, read, coughed, sneezed, drank umpteen cups of tea.

Now I'm at work. At least my cup is still here. Blah. I feel like I must have had a very good time.

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