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My poor boss is asking when is it going to end. Me, I'm asking when is it gonna start. I'm sick of feeling like shit. Lets get this bitch over and done with. Anyways I'm in at work and reasonably mellow. The monitor from hell is still frying my brain but I just took my fave headache pill and while I'm in pain, I don't care - giggle. Might get some fic done today, cause god knows, coding is out of the question. Their fault. They refused to let me swap the monitor with anyone else. Arseholes. I'm apparently in everyone's poo books on account of my dummy spits this week, and I can't unspit, alas (I just threw that in cause a friend loved the phrase so much - grin). Come on, I told them not to make me angry, cause they wouldn't like me if they made me angry. They asked for it. Why does the universe fall on me on weeks like these. It's all very Job.

So in I came. Stopped by to pick up some brekkie for once - hormones demanding subservience again - and found myself using American words. The lady in the shop corrected me, as well she should. Next thing you know I'll be asking for a jelly donut instead of a jam doughnut and then where will we be - the end of civilisation as we know it, that's where. J

I blame it on temporarily being distracted by The Creek theme on the radio in the shop, but that's hardly an excuse. Anyway, I'm gonna try and write this Daniel bit before I forget it entirely. was up watching Stargate twice last night. Ah, GateClassic on TV1. There are my boys (rather than the pod people in S5 on 7). And they played the perfect Thunderbirds episode after it. Lookit, the Hood is a Goa'uld (giggle).

Here's a bit of fic, just for Sin, cause she asked for it, or rather, him.

    Ezra was on a winning hand and Chris was on his sixth beer when Nathan stumbled into the saloon, looking like he'd seen a ghost.


    "The body, it's gone missing."

    Chris stood. "The gang came back for it?"

    "Must have. I'm sorry Chris, I had to leave it and go tend to Miss Sadie - she dropped a lamp."

    "She okay?"

    "The burns were bad, but they should heal. When I got back, the body was gone."

    "This keeps up the undertaker's going to go out of business," Buck remarked, commenting on the habit for bodies to go missing in the town. "Hey, Chris, you don't think we've got a body snatcher around here, aside from Old Nate here."

    Buck grinned, but Nathan wasn't amused. The constant remarks about his ghoulishness in using bodies from the undertakers for his anatomy studies were really starting to annoy him. How else was he supposed to learn.

    "Had you started cutting up the body?" Chris asked, not really wanting to know.


    "Maybe it got up and walked."

    Chris and Nathan both gave Buck filthy looks, not appreciating his humour.

    "I suppose we should go and look for this missing body," Chris agreed reluctantly.

    Buck glanced back at Ezra.

    "No, leave him to his game," Chris decided.

    It didn't take more than three men to confirm that a body was indeed missing.

    "He's gone alright," Chris declared, rms folded, surveying the empty trestle table.

    "He was dead, right? Ezra shot him in the back, didn't he?"

    "Yeah, he was dead," Nathan confirmed, annoyed at the implication that he couldn't tell the difference.

    Chris was examining the door. It didn't look forced from the outside. He bade Buck to bring the lamp closer. In fact, the lock looked picked from the inside. There were the tell tale scratches he was used to seeing as a result of Ezra's work.

    "You know what?" Chris decided. "I think Ezra might be right afterall. There's something strange going on around here."



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