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  • Thu, 05:31: RT @PlayWithJambo: sorry i haven't replied to your message, i read it but at the time i was too depressed to write a response and then anxi…
  • Thu, 06:04: RT @youngvulgarian: my entire family lives abroad, I do not have a single relative here, it's very grating to see people go "why are we tal…
Tags: #colorslides, #kodachrome, #kodak, twitter

  • I need a hero

    Well, my ovaries have good and proper exploded. It was the full Edwardian drag what done it, which I have a decided thing for, and then, yikes, the…

  • Southern climes

    So, Melbourne. It was just a week away, me trying to cheer myself up, a consolation prize to myself, because I can’t afford overseas holidays…

  • The Brit(ish) List

    (This week: Benedict Cumberbatch snubbed again for Sherlock, Daniel Craig swaps super-smart tuxedos for woolly sweaters in…

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