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  • Sun, 17:32: Seymour Centre. Saw Philip Quast in his one man show and he was amazing. I've been a fan since the 90s, oh dear. Man can belt out some tunes. Never fear, I was Covid safe there and back again. A grand day out. Had a lovely lunch, too.
  • Sun, 17:36: Meanwhile, across the road, a totem pole, gifted by Canada in 1964. Simon Charlie, a Quamichan man from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
  • Sun, 17:55: RT @naagovau: A street view in Balmain, Sydney, from 1972. NAA: A6135, K16/5/72/29
  • Mon, 05:44: RT @mmaarrow: Everyone talks about Tom Cruise doing all his own stunts & Daniel Day Lewis researching roles. But no-one talks about Margar…
  • Mon, 06:01: RT @nma: On this day in 2003 the Australian Capital Territory experienced the most destructive bushfires in its history. Four people died,…
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