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Getting their money's worth today, they is. I be busy.

Busy included a trip into Head Office. It was a lovely morning, so I didn't mind. In fact I'd forgotten how mild the city can be. I'd shivered into work with a lighter coat, but by the time I got into the city I didn't need it at all.

So I made my way through that rabbit warren of a building (if I was ever transferred to HO, unlikely, I'd have to learn to pee in all weathers as the Ladies is a demountable in the quad, this building dating from the old men only era) to be briefed on the servers I'll be looking after for a few weeks.

It's amazing how much I retained listening to SG who's from Mexico. It's not quite having Antonio doing The Sexy while explaining how to modify the database but it's as near as good as, heh. Made me wonder if we find foreign accents sexy because we have to hang off every word whether we want to or not. I mean, can my noggin tell if I'm paying close attention because a chap is interesting or unintelligible? Inquiring minds want to know.

So I caught the train back, after a brief peruse at only one (1) newsagent, which turned up nothing, mope, and now here I sit, deluged under emails. My plans for sneaking out to see Troy tonight are slowly receding over the horizon (much like the sun). Sigh. Pout.

Must be getting late, cause it's getting cold. Yup, sun is setting, already. Shiver. and me with my lightweight city going coat. Ah well, by the time I get out of here I'll be in for a brisk walk home as the buses that actually go near my home will have ceased, so that'll warm me up (she says, trying to be positive through gritted teeth).

Well, while I wait for a very important missive from HO, let's check the flist again, shall we...

And, since I've not mentioned any telly, and I can't have that or you'll think I've got the flu or something, I was wondering, just how many hours of Chris Meloni does a girl need a week? Clocked up three last night alone. I really should watch something else, because it was really dire, as well as being repeatoville.

Welp, I'm still here, still working. It's all cold and dark outside and I'm all alone in here. Shiver.

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