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  • Sun, 07:28: RT @neilhimself: I still miss him. And learned so much from him. (This is a great interview, by the way.)
  • Sun, 08:19: RT @FourRedShoes: It worked well in Daredevil, where he kept developing his suit with the help of a professional. I respect that. https://t…
  • Sun, 08:19: RT @FourRedShoes: One of my favourite bits of any superhero-esque show is how they get the suit, especially if they make it themselves. The…
  • Sun, 08:52: RT @PulpLibrarian: Do you know what time it is? You KNOW what time it is... It's time for "Women with great hair fleeing gothic houses!" A…
  • Sun, 09:01: So I went away for a few days (all hell broke loose in work inbox, really bad, ack, but I haven'thad days off in so very long). I wanted a room overlooking a beach. This'll do.
  • Sun, 09:04: Not having pre-booked any tables a month in advance, dinner was on the balcony. I don't normally go pizza but as my choices were pizza, pizza, pizza or pizza, I chose pizza. I ordered a Tropicana, which was pineapple, banana and bacon. Yes, I am a monster.
  • Sun, 09:05: I watched the sun go down. The hotel did not lie, one could see the odd whale or dolphin from the balcony, usually when my phone was charging.
  • Sun, 09:05: I went on a wine tasting tour.
  • Sun, 09:06: There was manys wines to be tasted
  • Sun, 09:08: Later, there was an ick factor. Too much fun and sun and those roads around Maitland that have always defeated me since I was very car sickly child. My poor old boots.
  • Sun, 09:15: Lunch
  • Sun, 09:15: The station to nowhere (don't get me started)
  • Sun, 09:31: Because I had the endometriosis and was generally shattered, I spent most if my time just reading on or by the balcony with the door wide open (later 5000 huge bugs in my room), except the nasty day everything was cancelled and I ended up snuggled in bed with hot chocolates.
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    Sat, 14:20: RT @ womensart1: Local women crochet/knit sweaters to shield rescued elephants from the night cold, Elephant Conservation Care…

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