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Just links today because it's all I've got...
Anthony Ainley

The Movie That Wasn't There
Brad Pitt's Big Fat Greek Toga Party
Stars behaving badly
At the Movies, at Least, Good Vanquishes Evil
Alan: RADA: A Centenary Celebration
Brad's Missing Member
'Donnywood' film bid
Blockbusters square up for summer
Sir Roger steps in to help Queen
Stars line up to save cinema from evangelicals' wholesome movies
Dangerous dandies
The cruel and crazy world of Lars von Trier
Dramatis personae
Connery in crooked comeback
Master & Commander
Tackling Homer's The Illiad
Pumping iron with the Troy boys,5744,9496913%255E31502,00.html
Homer, sweet Homer,5936,9494149%255E7642,00.html
War's timeless folly
Farrell the great
Viggo: 28 Days
Viggo icons
Sutherland back to his Scots roots for wedding
From Hulk to sex symbol
For Pitt's sake
Pitt in Berlin for Troy premiere
Troy premiere,5744,9469982%255E16947,00.html
An epic star by any other name
Museum to stage Troy exhibition

The horror: 'Van Helsing' is a monstrous disappointment
'Van Helsing' monster movie may be a mess, but the hair isn't
Hugh Jackman Visits MTV's "TRL"
Van Helsing
Stars' monster night,12589,1213419,00.html
Van Helsing enjoys monster opening
Van Helsing takes £60m worldwide
Jackman's dull vampire flick anaemic, say scathing critics,5936,9494153%255E7642,00.html
Monstrous mayhem
Monster opening

A big, loud, boring wreck.
Jackman defies the critics
Jackman's Tony nod
Jackman's star has risen
Jackman up for a Tony
Wicked musical leads Tony field,4120,1212565,00.html
So who will get burnt?,14498,1213185,00.html
'The British are going to crucify us'
Spider-Man Web of Ads Unravels
The End of the Surprise Ending
Stalker Or Strategically Lost?
Hawaii Five-O star dies aged 66
It's about time: Beloved 'Wrinkle' becomes movie
Today's TV shows won't age gracefully,12589,1212995,00.html
Film censors to survey public on offensiveness of swearing
We're all doomed (to watch disaster movies)
Worst Covers

'Jane Austen Book Club's' literary talk is a rich character study
Dictionary of Master and Commander Slash
Krispy Kreme Runs Head-On Into a Low-Carb Wall
When 'Evil-Doers' Are On Our Side
Stronger stance on Iraqi abuse needed
Premier is turning a paler shade of green

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