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  • Wed, 06:27: RT @kateStrasdin: Some cheery black edged pink is just the ticket today. The late #1860s silhouette is a distinctive one. Although the #cri
  • Wed, 06:27: RT @StuartHumphryes: Edwardians in Colour! This is 1910 and (amazingly) original colour. I've restored this fabulous autochrome of a Doriot…
  • Wed, 06:28: RT @BLMedieval: Medieval owls are a hoot #OwlAwarenessDay 🦉 Add MS 42130, f. 13r; Add MS 38116, f. 60v; Add MS 70000, f. 113v; Harley MS 5…
  • Wed, 06:31: RT @alanalda: Do only what your...lawgiving reason tells you is for the good of others; ...change course if someone...points out the better…
Tags: #1860s, #acmiathome, #cri, #otd, #owlawarenessday, #sherlock, #sydney, #thegameison, twitter

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