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Damn, the milk squirted all over me when I opened it. Now I look like a certain Whitehouse intern. Oh well...

The morning got off to a good start with the Creek and Kiss Me Stupid on tv. I rather like this getting up early and watching the tv I actually want to watch. I'd not seen Kiss Me Stupid since I was in highschool. It was much,much funnier now, as it flirted with the filth, skirting the Hays Code and rubbing up against it. And, well, it had Dino, didn't it.

A gentlemen acquaintance once recently tried to get into my good books by thinking it would be clever to insult the Dino that was being played. Wrong, wrong and oh so wrong. I love my Rat Pack. Comes of growing up pre cable with impoverished tv stations that could only afford to show old movies, mainly from the 50s and 60s because then at least they were in colour. Westerns, war, heists, rom coms, musicals, I watched 'em all (I never did have a life). And I love the Dino. And I love Kiss Me Stupid. A typical Billy Wilder farce, but fun nevertheless.

Actually, I love all films that thumb their noses to the Hays Code in a clever and witty fashion. I hope to see more of it as we enter an era of repression once again (this is difficult for me, having grown up in the naughty 70s and 80s).

Actually, I'm not sure if I'm amused or appalled that Howard Stern is in trouble for playing a comedy skit Graham Kennedy did in the early 60s on Australian tv. America is less cool and more uptight than early 60s Australia? Well, mercy me. Actually I should have known this with that hand wringing article over QAF a few weeks ago when we had Joe in Number 96 back in, when, 1970? 1972? Something like that. Anyway, in other words, so over it. Heh, how backwards and unsophisticated those Americans are these days. Giggle. Stern should be thankful he didn't play the infamous crow call. Tee hee. Ah, dear Gra Gra. I tell ya, growing up as a wee tyke watching Blankety Blanks, there's precious little innuendo that'll make my hair curl these days. Heh.

Last night I just watched Without a Trace. Danny was busy owning up to his origins (still, again) while Martin was getting darker, getting in deeper and all grumpy, angry and angsty. Me likes. He even blew off Sam, whom he spent all S1 mooning over like a love sick calf. Foolish, angry and quite possibly self destructive young man (at least from a career pov). I can see Martin spiralling down into trouble if he doesn't get over himself. Oh, here's hoping.

Well, these last few episodes have reignited my waning interest in the series. Of course, next week is a repeat. Now, come on, EvilChannelNine, we're like years behind the States, there must be a stockpile, or is it school holidays again? Plus, how am I ever going to settle into the S2 haircuts if you keep jumping me back to S1? Knock it off.

I was late, late late yesterday because I had a clandestine meeting. Apparently Head Office do want me and have been asking for me for two years now, but Fearless Leader won't let them give me any work so I'll get restructured out of the Department. The bastard. Boy, when folks don't like me, they don't do it by half measures.

So anyway, the secret agreement is that they slip me work via email. Which means I'll be busier, which means less LJ entries. Doesn't matter, because I never get any feedback for my scans (though folks get showered with FB if they post my scans elsewhere - grizzle). I don't mean to be a feedback whore, but the odd kind word wouldn't go astray, now and then, to stave off feelings of being taken for granted and neglected.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a few WIPs. Baby steps, especially considering I usually only get to spend 10-30 mins a day on them, but it's better than nowt, and it makes me happier than if I'm not.

I also had a charming invitation from a friend to go take some gaelic classes together. So I said yes straight away. Then I had to say no, because if the grumbling downstairs is any indication, I'm gonna be spending my weekend humping a hot water bottle. Damn, sounded like fun - the classes, not the hot water bottle humping.

Just did that fic title meme, and now I'm thinking once again how much Jack and Daniel remind me of Jack and Stephen. Of course, I said this back in '99 but as usual, everyone ignored me. I feel like 99, at times, re the echo chamber deal, but never mind. Another SF pair who often times remind me of Jack and Stephen are early Kirk and Spock. Kirk especially as far as the shagging, insensitive racial jibes and boat lust goes :D Not to mention being tricksy on occassion. Okay, obviously I don't have enough to occupy me at this moment. Off to brush up my skills....on something.

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