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From the flist:
Pick five, or ten, or more, of your fic titles. List them in your journal and explain how you came up with each one. Post this promptly as well, so that the meme spreads.

Wesley Sometimes
The title is borrowed from Charlotte Sometimes, both the book and the Cure song, which is based on the book, about a girl who has fevered dreams of living an earlier life in her school. It's not so much reincarnation per se, but a weird mix of haunting, dreams, time travel and echoes. Anyway, I thought the hotel must be bulging with ghosts and Wesley was sad and sensitive and solitary enough to pick up on them, to be consumed by one, so that Wesley and the ghost start to overlap like a double exposure. In this case the ghost was based on a sad and Raffles-less Bunny Manders ending his days in an LA hotel (spot the proto Raffles fic cunningly recycled). Weirdly, this story leads into the very silly Angel/Stargate fic Snakes in a Can, which was far, far better in my head than it ended up on paper. Oh well.

Lord Rossendale: Fearless Vampire Killer
Heh, too easy, as obviously I'm borrowing from Roman here. It just popped into my head one day, and while I never had the chance to capture the best of the story on paper (one of those brilliant scenes that plays out and vanishes before you can capture it deals) but at least I sketched out my idea that poor Rossendale, far from being the fool he appeared in Sharpe, was actually a Watcher, albeit not the most competent. Basically it was a blending of Rossendale and Wesley as he first appeared in Sunnydale. Of course there were hints that this may or may not have been an ancestor of Wesley's. There was an unfinshed sequel, with only the first few pages written, alas, that brought my Sharpe and Methos back into the fray.

Here There Be Dragons
There weren't meant to be any dinosaurs in this story. That was the mission statement. The dragons in the story were meant to be entirely in Billy's mind, haunting him day and night, but my muse can be so damn literal at times. One of these days I might re-write it, remove the dinos and just have Billy as the slightly crazed damaged goods I'd meant him to be. I think I was scared of comparisons to my FreakBoyDaniel fics.

This is pretty easy, as this pwp solely revolves around a hot, dusty desert wind that blows into town. After that the story started to lurch into Seven Faces of Dr Lao territory so I sensibly cut it off where it ends. Of course I've not written any more Mag7 since, so maybe I should just get it out of my system. I mean, you don't have to read it.

Chosen Men 11: Temples and Temptations
This, I think, owes more to Blackadder than poor Jane, I'm afraid. This is part of my Richard Sharpe is an immortal series (because like hell was I writing about Duncan) and he has a very on again off again kiss me kill thing going with Methos, who at times is very Maturin, even before I started reading POB, though the two ran concurrently, the writing and the reading. This, if memory serves, contains vast tracts of flashback to when Richard met Methos, with lots of Lawford thrown in for good measure, set around the events of Sharpe's Tiger. There are also a few nods to other Sean roles (at the time), too, and none too subtley, either.

Short for Situation Normal: All Fucked Up. Which decribed your typical SG1 adventure, imho. This is a mutant story, where it started as one thing and ended up as another. It's also a frankenstory as I sewed a few orphan drabbles into it as well whenever the muse deserted. The first part was my response to watching the dvd with Hundred Days and Shades of Grey on it. Poor Daniel got slammed around a lot in those episodes, if one imagined he really, really cared for Jack, and I wanted to deal with this in ways the show never would. Of course then they got stranded on Danger Island. The second part of the story was orginally meant to be a seperate tribe of week fic and it was meant to be a serious anthropological study, but that was getting me nowhere, and one night, while watching the Lost World, I decided anything goes. And so it did. The boys, stranded in their savage paradise, went wholly native, and hence the title of the second part: Wild Boys, which may owe more to Duran Duran than Burroughs, alas. Actually, the later part was inspired by the trouble Stephen gets Jack into, always chasing after some new discovery, and a whole lotta Discovery channel. Proto POB fic in disguise.

This was based on Daniel's suicidal tendencies in The Light and, obviously, Jack trying to bring Daniel back from the edge. I wish I'd had the courage of my convictions to have written that Jack looked back. Not that he'd lose Daniel then, but he would lose him, eventually. I'm tinkering with a semi-sequel dealing with Daniel's return to this mortal coil.

Conduct Unbecoming
This my favourite title. I suck at titles. My fics will usually have a silly working title or just a number and when the time comes to upload them I'll cast around desperately for a quote or lyric to fill the void. This one though, I had the title from the start. Conduct unbecoming an officer. As in Jack buggering Daniel being strictly verboten, and ramifications of their being outed, rather maliciously, by a post Shades of Grey Makepeace.

Bug Catchers
This title came from those old bug catcher sets they used to sell as toys when I was a child, where you caught poor unsuspecting insects in this plastic container and tortured them, disected them, or left them to die. All very Victorian science. This story was actually inspired by the Roswell episode White Room, where Max is captured and nearly vivisected. I just thought what would happen if the alien catchers were the aliens on the other side of the puddle.

Vat 69
This title came from an old Vat 69 ad I used to see painted on the side of a building every day from the train on the way to work (it's no longer there). It seemed as good as any for a rambling mutant fic about a tank (cloned chaps bred in tanks for manual labour).


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