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when the moon hits your eye...

I got to see the lunar eclipse this morning - yay! Happily it coincided with my usual rising time and as I staggered into the bathroom, there it was, beautifully framed in the little high up bathroom window and already missing a bit. No clouds (as usually obscure every once only event), just a big shiny moon. So I woke my poor Bro up who reacted with terrible alarm until he realised I was just jabbering about the moon.

I'm sorry, poor Bro, I was just so excited. It's the first full on lunar eclipse I've ever seen. I mean, my poor Dad used to drag me out to see 'em all the time as a kid, but that was before I had glasses, so I had to fake it, and I never really managed to catch one since, until this morning when I just walked into it. It was great. It was almost entirely in shadow when I went up to catch my bus, but lilacy because dawn was coming. In fact, I damn nearly missed my bus because I was watching moon and not road. Thank goodness for my trusty silly light which I managed to wave and flag it down. Bus driver thought my light was hysterical. They all do. My new one strobes in three colours. Whoo.

I was up anyway. My bedside lamp taking a header woke me up (I wasn't anywhere near it so I can only assume it was tired of life) and as I'd fallen asleep with the tv on again (bad me, and it's an old telly with knobs so no sleeper button) I flipped around and found The Creek on at the exciting time of 3.30 am. I wasn't going to watch, but, but, Pacey, and well, I watched, and I'm glad I did. I'm all cheered up. I'm more than cheered up, I'm happy. Sure I'll crash again but as one of the characters said, avoiding the highs and lows is no way to live. Sure it was just some guy on tv, but I needed to hear it. So here I am, all happy cause I watched some happy making early morning tv and I saw a lunar eclipse.

Early morning tv also included the last episode of Farscape (at last, and so that's where those silly bunny suits came from). You know, folks should be banned from cliffhangers unless they have an ironclad guarantee of another season. During the season, fine, but the end of the season, no. Whatever happened to some sort of ending, like in a book? Ah well. Now I'm curious to see how they get Timmy out of the well. Must have been horrible to watch without the hope of some sort of resolution. Great episode, lovely Blakes 7 ending. Come on, you know I love the hurt, pain and angst, and things going suddenly wrong when it looked like they were going so right (hey, just like real life). Poor JC. He never gets a break (well, he did, into teeny little pieces, but you know what I mean). Next episode: the weirdarse aliens apologise for the terrible misunderstanding and just add water, reconstituting our powdered heroes.

Last night was late, because even though I told Fearless Leader I had to get home to look after things, he dumped a shitload of work on me as he scampered out the door, his family being far more important than mine. I really hate him. Why do I have to give up my life, my family, films, galleries, concerts, etc for somebody else? It seems unfair to me.

So I got home late, missed the Autons, grr, and most of Relic Hunter and Farscape (but I picked that up this morning) and I ended up just working on my PC in my room. I'm gonna pause for a moment because it cost me several thousand dollars I can't afford to be able to say it. One of the reasons I bought Del Boy was so I didn't have to freeze in an unheated kitchen, where the phone is, and just grab everything then retire to my room and my doona and I gotta say, it was nice, especially as dear little Del Boy heated up the doona as he hummed away. Entertaining, educational and a bed warmer? Now if he could only make me breakfast in bed and came with a few attachments I'd be set :D

Oh, and my MST3K finally arrived, after a trip around the world to parts exotic again. This time the poor thing arrived in a bag, but the shinies were ok and that's the main thing. I now own Pod People on dvd and I'm actually sick enough to admit to it. In public. Hee.

Still on silliness, my test site continues apace (while I'm waiting for the OK for a huge upload). Julius Caesar is filed under Occupational Health & Safety and Marcus Brutus under Ministerial Correspondence. Yes, I am very easily amused.

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