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yes, Spring, I'm at it again

Very happy girlie right now cause that charming if anonymous Farscape fan in the UK keeps sending me Michael Biehn piccies. I'm ever so pleased, and touched. Coincidentally, just got a few caustic cease and desist emails from friends annoyed at me clogging their inboxes with cute pics. Whatever. You either like swapping pics or you don't. I do. I probably love it too much, but I don't care. Wish I had more Farscape to send to this luverly luverly UK person but I'm tapped. Might scan some of the mags sitting by my bed (awaiting perusing), but from the depth and breadth of their Michael Biehn files, I deeply suspect they have a mighty Farscape collection, too.

Apparently they were all Brit Farscape fans who passed by my con pics the other day, and they nearly all wrote to say thankyou. It's called manners, my fine American friends, and it makes me all warm amd mushy inside.

Speaking of mushy, I think The Times wins the headline of the week award with the following:

    Today's top stories from The Times: June 11, 2002

    Factory closure could spell end of peas in our time

    Britons could find their dinner plates lacking one of their best-loved
    vegetables after the closure of one of the country's leading
    processing plants for frozen peas

You just can't beat gentle British whimsey. I love it. The Times also features a World Cup column by Bill Bryson, if you're into Bill. Speaking of my American friends, the Sydney Morning Herald published this damning report: Continental Drift. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Oh, you think I'm being cruel, well at least I didn't mention Saturday's article on the CIA & FBI stuff ups entitled "Get Smart". Oh, giggle, chortle. I've always suspected Get Smart was a documentary. Weirdly topical, too, even now, especially now. Truly scary stuff. And these are the people with their finger on the button. Makes me worry not so much about paying bills as I should. With Dubya rolling about like a loose cannon upsetting everyone, I'm living very much in the now, or trying to. It worries that I might never get Story X finished all because a few hundred Democrats couldn't have gotton off their (I assume) large arses and voted. Hmph. And then they send us shows like Everybody Loves Raymond. Double Hmph.

Okay, enough Yank bashing, for today at least (I love West Wing, I do, but often times I'm grinding my teeth, especially when Toby announces how much he wishes he could impose US law on the rest of the world. Fuck off, mate. Then he chastised Muslim schools for only teaching the Koran, while several US states, including Kansas I believe, refuse to teach evolution. Hypocrite). Today I'll worry about my very own puppet fascist government about to invoke laws that make Hitler look like a bleeding heart liberal. Seriously. Now this is scary.



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