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  • Sat, 13:54: RT @klia00: Hate to break it to you, but this could've been called "watching movies with elderly people."
  • Sat, 13:55: RT @oldfilmsflicker: here is a photo of Emma Thompson to get you through the weekend
  • Sat, 13:55: RT @AWMemorial: Images from today’s moving National Commemorative Service are now available on our Flickr page. We…
  • Sat, 13:56: RT @sydlivmus: Anzac biscuits are relatively humble but extraordinarily practical, made with simple ingredients. Enjoy this recipe from the…
  • Sat, 14:06: RT @CSIRO: Cures boredom ✔️ Delicious ✔️ A way to learn about fossils ✔️ Animals, plants, and even microorganisms can leave behind fossils…
  • Sat, 14:11: RT @jimmycarr: I’ve just cried laughing watching again
  • Sat, 16:38: RT @oldshopsoz: Corporal Errol McSwoonworthy and his assistants at your service in the Officers' Shop, New Guinea Force headquarters, Lae P…
  • Sat, 16:39: RT @jessradio: When interviewers ask me 'what most surprised you in the research for your book?' I often tell them this story. It is WILD.
  • Sat, 16:49: RT @oldshopsoz: Two 1940s MacRobertsons Snack labels, the one at right printed in reduced colour for the war effort. Pic credit Chris Lync…
  • Sat, 17:10: (Maybe less bravado works best) Why do female leaders seem to be more successful at managing the coronavirus crisis?
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