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a true beanie should have a propellor on the top

The weather report said fog and rain, so I dressed for fog and rain but it's all blue skies and sunshine. Fie on the weather bureau (and no, I couldn't just look out my window, it being pitch black when I leave). Sweat, sweat, sweat.

Last night involved me getting home two hours later than I'd wanted (damn those phone calls) but it was okay because I whiled away the time waiting for the files to arrive by dipping into the web and indulging in my favourite white powder. No, not that, I'm talking Gloria Jeans white chocolate powder. It's the only one they sell here, and it's pretty nasty, natch, but it makes me jittery and jittery is better than slumped across my desk in exhaustion, given a choice.

I did manage to squeak in to catch Doctor Who though. We wrapped up Inferno, which I barely saw (bugger) and now we're onto the Terror of the Autons. Due to my white powder induced jitteriness I was MST3King wildly and having more fun than it probably warranted, though smoke billowing from within the TARDIS is always good for a bong joke, imho. This has The Master, sideshows, Autons, UNIT and Jo Grant. Classic. It's a B/W print, though, which means we can't nitpick quite so much, and despite the fuzzy tape we can tell there's a shitload of blue screen going on. Sky Captain? Feh. Meet the real chromakey pioneers, wobbly inserts and all.

I watched a stack of Angel over Easter but entirely forgot to write up my comments, which is a shame, because seeing them the second time around isn't quite the same. I did think that "Why We Fight" reminded me of an old X Files episode when it started, which was okay, cause I liked the X Files. It was a tad silly, but I liked the Nosferatu cameo, the origins of the Initiative and what happens when a souled vamp makes a vamp. The really suckky thing was that they introduced the most interesting and conflicted character, then dusted him. WTF? And yet annoying characters are allowed to linger around for whole seasons. Grumble. I liked the Cordy episode, too. It was very much a why Angel was great before the whole Connor debacle episode, and I liked the way Doyle was mentioned again. Unlike poor Cordelia, who ended up like Poochie: and we shall never speak of her again. Sucky ending for someone who was in the damn Buffy pilot.

So, last night was Damage, slightly less cool on a second viewing, possibly because I was tired, I was suffering violently the effects of Cold: Phase III and I really don't like anyone dissing Wes, least of all Andrew and Giles via hearsay. Spike's dismemberment was gruesome, but I guess somebody remembered they were on a horror show. Funny how this episode, sans Buffy, had more to say on slayers than a whole season of BtVS. Damn, I'm gonna miss the Buffyverse. I still like the 'twelve slayers and none of them have ever dated you' line, but the 'you're the enemy now' lines were leaden, and somewhat arbitrary, considering Andrew was quite happy to use the facilities of W&H to further his aims, but he doesn't allow Angel and the gang the same benefit of the doubt. Alas, still no grey allowed in Buffy's world. Or doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, and while I'm at it, where does Andrew get off being all morally superior, anyway? It's not like he hasn't got a Jonathan sized skeleton rattling away in his closet. I liked the end though, which was lowkey and poignant, and clanged awfully against Andrew's harsh judgement, that Spike and Angel had once been innocent victims themselves. I dunno, this episode made me love the Andrew a hell of a lot less.

After that I watched Dark Angel, which I enjoyed ever so much, probably because I was feeling a little bit better than mostly dead. It was the mermaid one. It was as daft as could be, and yet I was thoroughly entertained.

Excitement! Calamity! The whole building just got blacked out. Fortunately due the the large windows everywhere, I could still read my paper, unlike the concrete bunker I used to work in where we'd be plunged into pitch blackness everytime the power went out, which was frequently. The sad thing is I couldn't make a cuppa, which is my habit when the server goes bung. I mean, even if I got a nice fire going in my bin, which I could, the dang kettle is plastic, ain't it.

Happily, the power be back on now and I am tea enabled. Unhappily the servers have ceased to be. Looks like I'll be stuck here for the duration catching up when they do come back online. There goes my leaving after a mere eight hours and trying to catch up on housework of the actual and virtual kinds. Mutter. Grumble. I'm not a lazy slob, I just work 24/7.

Oh, in case you were wondering, my magpie can hold a snit for 14 days before his cravings for poppyseed biccies gets the better of his pride, for he was back to begging the other day. He's still cross with me, but he's not above demanding food once more, glaring at me through the screen door.

I don't mean to be mean. It comes of being raised by mean people. I try not to be mean, but sometimes it gets out. Usually only when I'm overtired and fed up though, and never, ever just for the sake of it.

Update: That was semi-fun. While everything was down I wandered across to the mall on the Hellmouth. Yes, I picked up some more magazine crack, despite some guy breathing down my neck the whole time. As he never said excuse me, I'll assume he was just there to breathe down my neck. Not out of the question, as I'm like weirdo catnip, alas. I refrained from dvd crack though, mainly because I blew the budget and then some last week, and also because $14.99 is still more than Zardoz is worth :D Especially when you can pick up Zulu for $9.99 (yes, I was that thorough in my perusing).

The Skeet was cheap, but not that cheap, and it's not Skeet week any more, but I'd like to see more Skeet, and my video shop has nothing I want to watch, so, maybe, but later. I've been directed to work in the yards this weekend so there'll be no dvd watching this week anyways. Sheesh, even prisoners get days off, right?

Via mabiana:

1. Go into your LJ's archives.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

"Oh Lex, Lex...I'll never be able to look at a mocca with whip the same way again."

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