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avec le bear

Ah, it's a lovely Autumn morn out there: pale, egg shell blue skies, pale greyish blue clouds. Lovely.

Of course I'm in here. Indoors. All day. Never mind. My brit-actors list just cracked 500 folks. Entirely arbitrary (and transient), but I'm pleased, somehow. I scan therefore I am.

I'm really enjoying the current "friends" theme on rightclicklick, mainly because it's feeding my shameful Ben/Matt obsession. Hee. I don't do RPS (well, not anymore, not since I was a young teenager who didn't know any better) but Ben/Matt is everywhere: E! news, SNL, the Dogma site...

I am also still bemused that folks could read that Jack in a bear suit bit in Patrick O'Brian and not immediately go to the Shirty the Slightly Aggressive Bear place. Hell, I went to the Shirty place before they even thought of making a film, let alone casting Rusty, of all people. Damn crying shame we'll never see Rusty don the bear suit - again. Snigger. Chortle. Wheeze. Giggle. (I told my brother about the bear scene and how, incredulously, nobody pictured Shirty and he laughed so hard he cried - hee).

Last night, in case you were wondering, ended up being The Wisdom of Crocodiles. Was there any doubt? Jude Law and Jack Davenport beat just about anything else, even if they're in an Arts Council film (ie, yikes). You know, I'd even, shamefully, forgotten Jack was in this, but I think I rented this before they played This Life out here, so he was hovering beneath my radar, though I did bring home a tape of This Life about the time this was being made...whatever. I actually enjoyed this much more the second time around (the last time was kind of a Homeresque eject into the bin kinda thing). I guess I'm more immune to really bad films these days (Michael Biehn films will do that for a gal).

So it's a painfully arty vampire story and Jude gurns and pouts and poses and overacts his way through it, but he's so pretty I can forgive him almost anything and I can see what he was trying to achieve, I just wasn't convinced. It seemed more acting school than acting, but never mind. Actually, I did get into it, a bit, because his character is amoral and self interested more than evil, and thus more like the sort of vampires you run into in real life (actors, rich folk, marketing guys, middle management, ex-boyfriends). He was also so sad and so hollow inside that I was kind of hoping he'd kill the girl at the end and live to suck another day, so I guess Jude sold it to me afterall.

Jack was playing second cop, so he wasn't in it much, but as he had Miles hair, that probably wasn't a bad thing. There was one scene where he was soooo cute. Must cap it.

Because it was a shortish film, I managed to see slightly more than the last half of Without a Trace and damn me if it wasn't a Martin episode. Bugger. It was all about nasty, soulless people playing wicked games with other folks like some twisted sock puppet theatre, with lethal consequences. Seemed like the theme of the night. Martin seemed to be taking it very much to heart. I didn't see all of the episode, of course, so I'm wondering: was Martin over identifying much with the soulless teen vamp who'd set the whole sorry thing in motion, with his big house, big parties but no real friends deal, or the poor schlub who ended up in the shallow grave? Me, I'm thinking the joyless rich kid just crying out for parental attention held up a painful mirror for Marty. Seems the obvious choice and it is American television afterall - grin.

Me, I'm with the dead geek under the leaves. I've been played so often that I just don't show my hand any more. Play or be played, these days, sadly. (Oops, do I hear Ezra muse returning home for a visit?)

Anyways, we almost had what passes for character insight on WaT, and I missed it. Bugger.

After that I switched across for SVU (TV1 is stripping it nightly) and I never had the chance to realise before just how many damn Oz players turned up in SVU. A girl could get confused if she was just flicking channels.

So I fell asleep and slept through til the alarm, sleeping through DC. No Breakfast Pacey for me. Bugger.

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  • Update: The bitca just waltzed past my windows and blithley remarked: "Nice view, shame it's going to have to go." Ack. Not my view, my precioussss...wail! Gnash! Sulk! Pout! Grizzle! And was trying to be nice to her today. C*nt. :(


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