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They're all having a meeting re the restructure. Only I was left off the email list, so I'm not invited. Bodes well, don't it.

Oh well. I still have my shoes off. Damn things gave me double blisters so I kicked 'em off and was walking around barefoot like a hippie chick this morning but I suppose now that they're all in, and at the meeting I wasn't invited to, I should put my shoes back on. Yeah, yeah, sometimes I catch the odd staple, but I'm not some whiney litigation happy Yank. My choice, my risk, my responsibility. Sort of like all those Aussies who went to Gallipoli. I wanted to go, had everything researched (airlines, accommodation, etc). Just didn't have the moola. Damn.

So, it was another 6-7 day yesterday. I don't mind. Indeed, having breakfast, lunch and dinner at my desk solves a lot of problems. Came home, went straight to room, culled some mags, watched Relic Hunter (guest starring Mr Miranda Otto) and then face planted. I was exhausted.

The Perfume Nazi is in today, alas, and making me bad tempered and stupid, but I'm going to resist turning to my allergy pills for as long as I can because they make me, well, non drowsy. Trust me, me turned up to 11 is something you don't want to unleash without good reason. Think Stephen on coke, Spud on speed.

Actually, come to think of it, all that Sudafed I munched back in the day is probably what got me through all those years of nightschool, as it was in the years before decent coffee. Yes, I was legitimately always under the influence of some cold or flu or perfume, but, still. No wonder I got all fat and lethargic once I graduated. Heh. No wonder everyone from that era thinks I'm a total freak - hence the Wesley-like reversion to stupidity in their presence on Saturday. Heh, maybe I should have popped a couple and really made it a memorable night. Evil heh.

Shit. I am so bored and disinclined to go looking for more work. Nothing like imminent unemployment to cool my protestant work ethic. I've done the running around like a hamster on crack trying to do the pleasing people thing. I am so totally done with it. I suppose I'd better go check the want ads again. Can't have a week go by without my two dozen or so rejection letters now, can I?

I am torn. Two nights with fek all on to keep me dazed and compliant, and now tonight I've got Brotherhood of the Wolf, which I've wanted to see again but haven't had the time, Wisdom of Crocodiles and hello to EvilJude, lust, drool, and, oh yeah, Without a Trace. Sigh. Mutter. Grumble.

Update: hello absolute mountains of work, my old friend - not. Grumble. Gripe. General pissiness.

Gakked from erika_sanely
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