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  • Thu, 05:04: Saw this Norwegian folk trio last night. 😁
  • Thu, 05:18: RT @StuartHumphryes: This rare snapshot of London is the earliest original colour photograph of the Capital I have ever tweeted. In fact, I…
  • Thu, 05:23: RT @MrTimDunn: Ding ding! Hop aboard for a fascinating 1902 electric tram ride along Sheffield’s Edwardian streets. The horses! The carts!…
  • Thu, 05:24: RT @NitrateDiva: Shoutout to the studio copywriter who cooked up the phrase "...doin' what comes super-naturally" for this GHOST AND MRS. M…
  • Thu, 05:38: RT @jonrog1: Top Five at Least: "The best movie chase ever is in Wallace and Gromit in The Wrong Trousers" via @Pol
  • Thu, 05:50: RT @SandyHorne61: Can you see the water droplet? This maggie came in to drink from a sheep trough at Mudla Wirra Reserve right on sunset.…
  • Thu, 06:12: RT @10thLegio: An Etruscan helmet and cuirass dated 5th-4thC BC. This panoply represents one of the finest examples of original Etruscan ar…
  • Thu, 06:19: RT @stacejarman: Not happy about not being fed so is ripping up the balcony potted plants. Brutal cockatoo street justice.
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    Mon, 16:37: Corella. Turns out I'm having a server day. Mon, 17:11: Corella. Turns out I'm having a server day.…

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    Sun, 17:24: RT @ MoviesSilently: If this hallway doesn't give you the urge to blow up the Earth because it obstructs your view of Venus, I have…

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    Sat, 17:56: RT @ MrTimDunn: Tonight's travel poster: “Service by Night" By David Shepherd for British Railways. A 1955 scene back down King’s…

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