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Oooh, it's super foggy today. Like I can barely see the building across the road foggy. Whoo. I love fog, and this is a proper, rolling, swirling fog.

view from up here

I'm also so pmessy I can barely stand, which is bad from the unprofessional teapotting (panicking) I was doing yesterday when the Big Cheese wanted to see the site and the server was down, but on the plus side, hello Billy and Alan muse. Just a couple of pages, but the first in ages. Yay!!!

I might be a big fat ugly turd these days, but at least inside, today, I feel a bit more like me and not some stranger I don't know and don't like. This is what I need and enjoy: writing fic. Even if it's crap, I actually enjoyed myself, for the first time in, like, ever.

Ah, this morning keeps on getting better and better (though the fog is thinning, weep). Dearest silverthoughts has posted a shitload of yummy scrummy scans (she so rocks) and Fearless Leader is awol. Yes!

This makes up for last night, for, as yesterday just went from bad to worse, my plans just shrunk away to nothingness. First I was going to the flicks, then, realising I'd never get to the session that would end before the buses did, I decided on dvds, then realising I'd get home too late for that too (I'd be all cross and not enjoy them) I settled for some tv. By the time I did get home my plans had devolved to a face plant on the bed, if I was lucky. I did see some S&H on TV1 though, so I can't say, in all honesty, that my day was S&H free. I'll never get to that damn film, though. Face planted through Wat, but it was a repeat anyway, the one where they shoot the Arab doctor, on account of him being swarthy and in possession of a beard.

Depressingly real life, alas, as the police were rounding up swarthy types last night at the station. Heh, maybe I should be glad my swarthy friends keep standing me up :D Cause who needs a rubber gloved strip search if you're not in the mood? ;p

I actually had plans for this weekend. Well, I had lots of invitations and, as usual, said yes to all of them, hoping at least one would pan out, but nope, looks like it's just me and Jack and Stephen this weekend. Heh, well, I think I rather like the consolation prize.

where I read Jack & Stephen

Oh, and I had a squee moment yesterday when I discovered Brian Blessed was in Alexander. Yay! Brian! I love the Brian and I think I might have more Brian on dvd than Ewan. In fact, I'm sure I have. Tragic but true.

Men. Hmph. I fill the kettle. I set it to boil. I toddle round the corner for a pee and come back to find the kettle's boiled and they've all made a cuppa and it's empty again. Repeat until murder is done this day. Scuzzbuckets.

Inbox is cleared, so now to muse upon fic again. Alan are Billy are very happy right now. Can't have that - grin.

I suspect at times, that having grown up on 60s Japanese cartoons, which were very bleak, violent and angsty, and growing up on 60s and 70s Brit telly, which was bleak if it wasn't silly, probably explains why I'm such a hurt/no comfort fiend. That and I'm just warped :D Oh Billy, don't be a hero...

A request from a friend: pictures of Jude and Jonny smooching? Urls? Pics? Ta.

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