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Yippee! My life is now complete! I am now the proud owner of Egyptian tat :D Yay! And Thanks cycnus39!!!! It's gorgeous! It's wonderful! It's marvellous! (fie on evil aunts).

Thanks to Stranger, too, for the shiny shiny that arrived. Shiny!

Aha. We're not being sacked, retrenched or downsized. It's a "service delivery reform", ie, how to do more work with less people. So not my problem, as everyone remarks I've been painted with a big red X, ready for felling. Oh well. It's my fault, I'm my own worst enemy, falling sick at the most inopportune moments, making exhausted mistakes when they're least welcome.

Like last night. There I was packing up to go home when suddenly I have to make a site that has to be online by this morning in time for the Big Cheese's announcement to the press. Yay. So I rang 'em up and told 'em for that sort of deadline, it's gonna be a very no frills site. Ok, they say. Then email me back with a four page list of desired bells and whistles. My plan is to get the plain jane site up, and then add the frills as I finish them throughout the day. Yeeesh.

So, as you may imagine, it was a long day. Missed Dr Who (poopies), especially as DW is indulging in that SF standard: the alternate universe. The Brig will turn up with an eyepatch. How very AU of him.

I also missed a new flurry of prank calls. So I'm going to reduce the scanning and posting and whatever else I'm doing and try and keep my head down until whatever bug that has crawled up their butt once more has settled. I don't know who it is, but I do know that they're local, they really don't like me, they've obviously got a history of mental illness, they need urgent medical help and they're probably dangerous. Okay, so that doesn't actually narrow down the field of suspects any K. What I really don't like is the harrasment of my family. Take a memo: get a fucking life you fucking freak.

So just the NW I never got to scan on Monday, due to an alarm clock malfunction, today. As I couldn't quite grasp the muse who hovered elusively out of my reach like a rainbow, I spent my quiet time reading Raffles fic and a few Ezra pieces. Lovely stuff.

Oh yes, I also watched Farscape, because it was our monthly Farscape episode. Yay! Poor John. His life sucks even more than mine does, the poor pet. Or does it? He at least has friends. I just have Peacekeepers and Scarrans to deal with. I also caught Relic Hunter. It looked like a rehashed Highlander episode, or maybe it was just the locations :D

In other news, someone pointed the bone at the PM yesterday. Yat. It's a traditional form of cursing. I wonder if it's like Tinkerbell and if we all wish really hard...

Fek. I had something else to say but I've completely forgotten what it was. Damn. You would have been astounded and amazed, I am sure. In the meantime, I'll mention that I went to the chemist last night and explained my problem (chemical warfare/working with computers) and he gave me these new anti-allergy pills to try. Key word: non drowsy. Boingboingboingboingboingboing!!!!

I'm also feeling nostalgic. A few old friends don't have lj's and that is entirely their choice, of course, but I miss our once frequent correspondence and I'd love to be able to catch up with them, from time to time. Maybe I should do it old school and actually just email them. That is if they're still speaking to me :D

Notice that I didn't bore you with my Ben-Matt obsession today. I try (but obviously not hard enough). It's shocking really (I realise this, I need help), and I blame my watching E! in the evenings during dinner preparations for my weakness as it's wall to wall celebrity sluts and there's none better for a soundbite than the manslut himself, BennyBoy.

I think I only really like him because he's Classic Cordelia with a Y chromosome. He rarely, ever, has the old diplomacy chip online and he's always good, bitchy, value. I've been known to race into the room for a Ben bite. Sad, but true.

Still, folks who always speak their mind are at least honest, if brutally so. Sure, you'll wish they'd heard of tact but at least you know where you stand with them, and stabbing you in the back just isn't their style - they prefer a frontal attack.

Ooops, getting a little off topic there. And I managed to wibble on about it, anyway. Well, it wasn't like I was going to watch anything with him in it, heaven forbid. At least, not this week ;p And besides, you can hardly poo-poo me for giggling at the RPS when the boys, and the almighty Kevin Smith especially, never do anything but make slashy comments. All the time. Heh.

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  • Did it. Made the 4pm deadline despite the server refusing to give me access and then running of of space and everything else going wrong and getting in trouble for being stroppy even though Head Office were on my case every five minutes. I did it. It's done. Still getting sacked next week though (first round of retrenchments). Bummer.


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