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Hee, now I have "Stand By Your Man" stuck in my head. Poor, poor Bucklin. He deserves what he gets if he takes Ezra back, but that just me. My problem is selling a reconciliation I don't really believe in. Hmmm, maybe I can make it somewhat uncomfortable. I want to go home and have fun with nasty, vicious JD. It's probably a reaction against all the "I understand, I have a nephew who's gay" fic, but I need somebody to call them a bunch of filthy perverts and in this case I think JD's words will sting more than Nathan's ever could. I also kinda like JD suddenly outing himself as a homophobe, cause I've known people like that. You think they're cool with slash but surprise, big no, they're not. Poor Buck. He's really copping it this chapter. Ah, it's a sign of my great esteem for the boy, as well as a measure of how crappy my week's been. J



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