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  • Sun, 07:35: RT @feliciaday: If you start a party at 4 then tell me 5 because if not, I WILL be there at 4:01. Unlike any other person in existence.
  • Sun, 07:58: RT @simongerman600: Rotation speeds of our beloved planets shown to a relative scale: Jupiter rotates around 2.4 times faster than Earth fo…
  • Sun, 08:03: RT @V_and_A: Mary Quant wanted her shop to be the opposite of the other formal high fashion shops in London. So, she offered loud music, fr…
  • Sun, 08:04: RT @SoVeryBritish: Things that cause extreme panic: - Accidentally liking a Tweet - No milk - Unknown numbers - The question "you don't r…
  • Sun, 08:13: RT @LaurenCDeutsch: This week's #FridayFrills is a 1775-80 Robe à l’anglaise from Historic Deerfield Museum. It is like a piece of candy! #…
  • Sun, 08:14: RT @dana_debanks: Montgomery Ward Spring-Summer 1967 Print Dresses
Tags: #advent, #cyranowestend, #doctorwho, #fashionhistory, #fridayfrills, #fridaynightfrills, #londoncalling, #mrsclaus, #thegingerbreadcity2019, twitter

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