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Yesterday: work, work, work and Dr Who (if anyone ever wants Christopher Benjamin screen caps, I'm your girl). And that's all the tv I watched, honest. I kept the box off and I read. I meant to read an actual book but ended up reading a small handful of magazines I was meant to be culling. Tsk. Never mind.

Pet peeve: folks who read my paper without invitation and before I've had a chance to. It's silly, I know, but I just feel that she who paid the $1.20 gets first go at a virgin, uncrinkled and unsullied broadsheet. There's something about folks whom I don't like messing up my paper that riles me.

Of course I'm having a pig of a day with impossible deadlines raining from the sky, and Marinade Woman is in, so my eyes are all red which makes me cranky to start with, never mind any of these additional irritants.

I wish I'd written this earlier as intended today because I was in an okay mood, but that petro-chemical perfume drives me nuts (I've lived next door to an oil refinery all my life so forgive me if I'm a tad sensitive on the subject) and it just puts me in an outrageously bad mood, every time. It burns, it burns.

Personal rule: never, ever trust anyone who wears bright red to the office.

You know, since the US dictates so much (if not all) Australian and British policy, I think it'd be only fair that we vote in the upcoming elections. It'd be democratic. But we won't, so we're stuck with a dictatorship. Sucks.

Oh well, back to work. If it wasn't for Ms Reeky, I could probably think of some decent plots to get my fic rolling again (because I always work better under pressure), but I can't. Sucks.

Here's a conundrum. The Yanks, they love their reality shows. Can't get enough of 'em. Hell, they'll cancel shows like Wonderfalls and Angel just so they can make more of 'em. But here's the problem: we don't like 'em. Yep, we're over it, baby (not that I was ever, ever into it, loathe the things with a fiery passion). Wildlife documentaries are more popular here now. Wildlife documentaries? I hear you cry. Indeed. Well, as the US refuse to make any other show, there's nothing else to fill the schedule. Law and Order is already on every night of the week. So what happens next year when all the US has to offer are these stupid shows and we're not buying, because they rate lower than African badgers?

Oh, and thanks for sending us Paris Hilton again. Really. You're too kind. Whatever can we do to make it up to you?

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