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I am not merely embracing Casual Friday aka mufti day today, but sucking the very marrow from it. Usually I reserve today for my usual skirts but the luxury of a jersey top, as a break from the bank clerk blouses, but today we're Indian cotton skirt and Chinese cotton t-shirt.

Of course, today the suits will stroll past on their annual visit, no doubt, but damn it, I woke up feeling squishy, ie, no exoskeleton, so I wanted comfy clothes. Besides, why bother dressing up when I look worse than a train wreck. Gone are the days when cute lil backpackers would make fresh with the blarney. Weep. Nobody ever compliments me on my style any more (strange but true, it did happen, more than once). Yup, I'm rather more your season seven fat, old and haggard Xander-like tragic figure here, these days. Weep.

I actually managed to get a couple of hours of real sleep last night, for the first time, what, this year? So that's probably why I feel, until the Vogons get in, not all twisted up inside. Maybe I'll do a few tutorials if no urgent work lands on me, as that sweet project I was promised was given to The Bitch, as usual. Those are my choices: be proactive and learn more skills, or sulk and read some badly written pirate fic. I'm torn, I can tell you...

And, oh yes, not a day goes by without someone remarking that I am for the chop. Thankyou, I am aware. Redundant, no job offers, deeply in debt and a family support. What would my father do? Okay, bad example. Grizzle.

Missed most of Who (gripe), Charmed and SVU were reaptoville, Angel featured my fave lyin' cheatin' evil Texan and Dark Angel had Jensen in it. Nuff said (girly swoon).

Quote of the day: "But then Calton was one of those witty men who would rather lose a friend than suppress an epigram." Fergus Hume, 1886, "The Mystery of a Hansom Cab."

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  • Update: We had a fire drill, real or fake, I don't really care which, and I was grateful for the comfy, sensible ensemble as I marched down the tower. Fire drill as networking opportunity who knew? Or as S. accused me darkly: "You have cross-floor friends?!"

    But as it happens, the power to the computer room was cut, and everything is down, so I'm just typing away in notepad and saving to disk. Goodness knows when I'll be able to post my daily missive.


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