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  • Sun, 20:13: RT @kateStrasdin: 2. Cecily has arrived early. Two hours early! Winifred groans inwardly whilst smiling her welcome. Her sister in law is r…
  • Mon, 04:27: RT @kateStrasdin: 3. Rex (can that be his real name?) Harrington is next to arrive, his fortune founded on the invention of an elastic side…
  • Mon, 06:28: RT @kateStrasdin: 5. Winifred is first down to dinner in her new blue & silver frock & awaits her guests. She knows Cicely is already most…
  • Mon, 06:30: RT @ravenmaster1: Morning world 😊
  • Mon, 06:36: RT @9NewsSyd: In 2019 we no longer have to rush to the shops before the midday closing time on Saturday - we can buy anything, anywhere, an…
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  • It’s a little bit funny

    You can tell I’m having a challenging time at work when the book in my bag is an Agatha Christie. Nothing against Dame Agatha, of course.…

  • Playing draughts

    I’ve no idea what possessed me to wear such a breezy sundress today. Sure, the cherry print is cute, but breezy is the operative word here, as…

  • Wales spotting

    Three pages of space news in the paper. That’s more like it, 2019. I think I’m alone now…well, not really. There are other…

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