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Eeep, this is gonna hafta be quick, as I'm on a time limit today.

Um, watched Doctor Who. That is all. Oh, and the sunset. Oh and those filthy gentlemen down the road deliberately tried to run me down in their wogmobile car, again. I hates them. To hell with being PC. It might be just a barrel of very bad apples but I hate them all.

Magpies still not speaking to me. Forgot to mention watching Two Men in A Trench which was as hilarious as it was educational. The highlight was when the weedy English arms expert gave the Scots the pikes and they started after him, yelling at him to piss off back to England. Heh heh heh, you don't have to scratch the surface very deep to get that sort of reaction, methinks, if my lot are anything to go by.

In other news, recent events in Melbourne have apparently given such films as Dirty Deeds and Chopper a renewed interest. Heh. who says crime doesn't pay? (Certainly not that carload of arseholes wot nearly ran me down).

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