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  • Fri, 06:56: RT @PulpLibrarian: A number of Northumbrian words came from the mining industry: a "pit yakkor" is someone who isn't good at their job, whi…
  • Fri, 06:58: RT @WildlifeTrusts: Only have a small garden and short on time? Consider adding a mini pond to your patch, it can be as easy as re-purposin…
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  • The mean streets

    I was interested to read that Patty Jenkins was leaning on John Singer Sargent as one of the main visual influences of the film (again, completely…

  • Southern climes

    So, Melbourne. It was just a week away, me trying to cheer myself up, a consolation prize to myself, because I can’t afford overseas holidays…

  • What I did on my holidays #3

    Anyhoo, the exhibitions. First stop was Nude at the Art Gallery of NSW (and stop sniggering up the back). That was okay. Actually, I kinda loved…

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