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pigs did fly

I am out of milk. Both the stuff in the fridge and the milk of human kindness.

Fer starters I'm supposed to be home right now, feet up, dvd whirring away. They're all out, too, so it would have been some quality time with the silver disks of happiness.

But no. I'm still here, fixing up all the crap Ms Seahunt did to all my careful updates yesterday while I was away. It's 1-3 week's worth of work down the toilet on several sites as she ruined everything AND, get this, deleted all my backup copies in a spate of demented spring cleaning AND deleted stuff off the server. So I was back to scratch. And it all has to be done today. ARRRGH!

See? I am in purgatory already. I must be. There's no other explanation. All I wanted was three hours off. You bastards.

And I woke up tired, ill and cranky. Swallowed my pride and several painkillers and took AP to the show for seniors day yestersay. Yup, all this crap and pissing off Head Office for that. It was not fun as it involved acting as her personal porter and it's still a case of: "No! You cannot look at that! No! You cannot afford that! No! You can't try that, you won't like it! No! you can't buy that, it's rubbish, and what would you do with it anyway?" Cue me, stamping foot and whining "but...but... it's shiny! Wail!"

Hmph. I might as well still be four years old for all the good it does me. Tramped all over the show with cramps and cranky crone, did not really enjoy myself. Which is odd, because I just love the show. If the Dept I'm with has a stall I'll volunteer for any shitty shift I can get and spend the rest of the day having the most bestest time. By myself. Ah yes, we come to the crux of the issue. Ah well, one can't refuse when any Easter could be the last (I have enough of a guilt trip over that already, thanks) so I did my duty.

It really felt like duty. Especially when I woke up this morning, black and blue from all those darn honey pots, just fer starters. Then there was my yearly allotment of goats milk soap and chai tea which I can only ever find at the show. It's a wonder I'm not permanently hunched over. Maybe I am.

Saw lots of livestock (ah, for the days when I could identify breeds by sight), lots of produce, lots of samples. Couldn't find the Eygptian tat stall as promised, wail. Shall have to go to Egypt myself, hmph. The arts/crafts pavillion was bigger, and surprisingly of a high quality this year. Saw the Grand Parade and the Police Musical ride, which isn't quite so much fun now that I've been on the wrong side of the horsies re my protesting duties. I liked the fast cars and the fireworks best. I was a girl of cheap shiny thrills.

Squeaked in home in time for ten minutes of Coupling and ten minutes of Without a Trace. Bro threw the gourmet pies I'd brought home for supper in the bin, claiming I was trying to poison him, and stalked off. Such was my day.


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