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In case anyone wants me this week, I'll be doing the bare minimum hours this week because I'm royally pissed off and I've already worked up several days worth of free overtime doing my weeks of 12 hour days anyway. No, I'm gonna go home and watch Buffy and try and write something. I'm used to writing during Buffy on the weekends so it's something I can easily slip into (I hope). Maybe SG as I'm still upset over not getting that Buck scene because it was so perfect. He was explaining to JD why he was gonna stand by his man. You see a friend pointed out I'd not addressed the JD issue. Well, firstly, even though it's practically canon, ew. Secondly, JD is supposed to be a kid in the show, even though he looks thirty (the same can be said for any WB show) and I'm not about to sign Buck up for NAMBLA just yet, so I'm going to leave just how far their friendship went up to the perversions of my readers J. In part seven I've decided to include JD and he's being quite the little Iago, constantly whispering in Buck's ear that Ezra is no good and more trouble than he's worth. Which is true, but Buck's still in love, though he's being tried awful hard. JD finally gives voice to his long festering resentment at his replacement in Buck's affections. Buck had no idea but he tells JD not to make him choose. As far as JD is concerned, Buck has already chosen. Poor Buck. He never meant to fall in love with a liar and a thief, but he did, and he can't pull free.


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