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april fool

Last night a mid fever tossed dreams I dreamt I sat in on a sneak preview of the new Jack and Stephen film (The Nutmeg of Consolation, I think, or Clarissa Oakes, it's been a few years since I've read them - she says, sniffing imperiously at all those johnnie come latelies - heh) and a Sharpe film, with Seanie in the rifle green once more. Yay!

Sigh. My subby's idea of April Fools. Oh well. I've brought Jack and Stephen into work with me. Unless Fearless Leader really isn't off today. April Fools.

I also dreamt that the friend who no longer returns my emails etc asked me to dinner and I waited and waited and waited until the restaurant closed and there was no way to get home so I had to start walking scary dark wet streets with scary people lurking about and then nasty alien monsters started chasing me through a car park. Okay, too much Doctor Who in the tv diet obviously, though these were Alien aliens.

So, anyway, it was a yukky, cranky day at work and I was feeling sooo ill, so finally I just said I was off early, in return for coming tommorrow (Fearless Leader said I was coming in whether I liked it or not), so I picked my head up off the desk and off I stalked.

To be greeted at the gate and handed a broom by the auld witch. Six hours of housework later...yep. No Buffy, no Angel, no Who, no nuffin. And I had to pick up and pack up ye olde faithful PC, which again was threatened with council clean up, and I again reminded AP that we agreed I could keep old faithful as my backup PC (it's an old Chinese knockoff but it goes and it gives me no trouble). I felt like Han Solo having to defend the honour of the Falcon. Hmph.

Oh yes, and while Bro is allowed to leave his stuff all over the place, there were only my buddha and my boots left. Yes, they too must go. Ack. I'm being expunged (oh yes, my dried sprigs of my dead lavender were also destroyed and thrown out - whimper). So everything is packed away in my room, like I'm leaving or something, and my room now resembles a crammed and chaotic wardrobe, the one you open and close the door on very quickly.

Guess I'll be sorting of stuff to go while locked in my room while the rellies visit. I'm always sent to my room while rellies visit. Hmph.

In further outrages, Fearless Leader, who never works Mondays or Fridays, has nixed by request for a mid-week flex day. Again. After losing all my days last months. Ack. Unjust, unwarranted and unfair. I'd complain to HR if it wasn't a waste of air and effort. And all I wanted it off for was to escort AP to the show. You know, family duties.

Normally I'd be thumping and stumping about, but these pms pills I'm taking I suspect are really just tranqs because not only have I not written a sentence since taking them (the reason I won't go on the pill and obviously the Dr lied) but while I intellectually feel the illogic and injustice of it all, I don't feel. Not at all. Not one bit. I don't like it. I'd rather just go have another sob in the loo and be done with it. I should also like to write again.

Okay, no more pills. This experiment is over. Please come back, ability to write, if you can. What if it doesn't? It's too horrible to contemplate! I shall try and ease my way back my lumpily finishing off an old fic. Please, please come back. I just can't feel that part of me any more. Ack.

I only took the pills because I thought people might be nicer if I was nicer. Wrong, wrong, wrong. AP and Fearless Leader still treat me like dirt, and twenty folks on my list will desert if I don't make a daily posting, which I missed yesterday, just because I'm so ill a normal person would be in bed. I can never do enough, or fast enough, to please anyone. Hmph. This worm is gonna turn, baby, and I wouldn't want to be there when it happens, if I were you.

I did watch Without A Trace, at the inconvenient new time of 10pm. It was a repeat, hence the decent hair in the ad, and yet once I'd not seen before. Danny and Martin shared a frame, and lines. Mercy. Then I realised I'd seen the last ten minutes or so, so I must have been out. Fancy that. Pretty stoopid story about stoopid kidnappers but it wasn't like I was watching for the plot. These cop shows are like watery, milky lukewarm tea after watching The Sweeney. Give me real TV Cops, any day.

In happier news, the papers today are full of April Fool's Day pranks. I think the new cherry flavoured Vegemite has to be the fave, though Virgin's left handed mobile phones come a close second :D

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    Update: I forgot to mention how pretty it was this morning. It was cloudy and as the sun started to come up it turned all the clouds lilac and pink and the world was bathed in mauvey light. I like mauvey light, it's gentle on the eyes. Kinda reminded me of Europe. Nice.

    The sun is rising later everyday. By the end of the week I'll be back to using my torch again. It tricked the birds, they had to bail me up in the street instead of the door as usual. Never, ever feed your birds stale poppy seed biccies. They're all absolute addicts now, hanging around the door, waiting to score a fix. It's terrible. Trying to wean them just makes for cranky, vindictive birdies, too.

    I love the way they sit on the telegraph lines as the sun comes up, though, like musical notes against the sky.

    I have also acquired dates, iteninaries and fares for my dream holiday. As soon as I get the shove from work, I'm putting all my cash in this baby. Bugger being responsible. I just lost over 34 hours in unpaid overtime last month. That's about fifteen minutes shy of a week. A whole week! Enough sacrifices. I'm off on this trip the moment I get the heave ho. Finally. I can't wait.


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