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Yay cycnus39, my lil book arrived. It made for much chortling. Poor Oopsy :D

I also take I from the half a dozen references to Tim Tams that another care package would not go astray? On it, Chief (it sounds like you've got the Tim Tam DTs - grin). I'm also glad the parcel arrived because I'd just scrawled your address on the front, meaning to affix a proper label after I'd bought same, but meanwhile the house fairies had scopped it up and posted it. Oopsy. Good thing the Royal Mail are on the ball :D

Good thing too the UK has yet to outlaw the posting of choccie biccies to dear friends, unlike some countries I could mention.

Yesterday was weird. I think my cold crawled up into my ears because suddenly my chair at work became a fun ride and the art of standing or walking in a straight line became beyond my grasp. I bought myself a lemonade, because it helps a bit, and as I zig zagged my way up the path to the bus stop I bet everyone there thought it wasn't just lemonade in my bottle. Oh well.

Staggered home in looping parabolas, flopped on the couch to watch Who, then went to bed. I felt seriously weird. Watched a bit of Spartacus. That's all there is to report. Still feel weird. Might just pull a half day today.

Btw, Viggo is still doing guest spots in my dreams. Weird. I mean, I've fancied the man since Witness, but he's never been top twenty material, but there he is, every night, even if it's just to say a few words or give me something (no, not like that, you wretches). Weird. Obviously my subby really, really likes the Viggo.

Btw #2: saw Tom Lenk in that Cadbury Favourites ad again. I flicked across and thought Andrew? WTF? Then I realised it was just the dang ad.

You know when I was a size 14 I'd whine and cry and grump that I wasn't a size 8. I'd do anything to be a size 14 again. Wail.

Oh, and there was no Farscape last night. They lied. Hmph. Though you'd think I'd be used to it by now. I'm tired of hearing about Canadian Stargate fans whining about not seeing their show. Try being a bloody Farscape fan in its country of origin. It's not easy, I'll tell you.

Ah, the simple pleasures of being able to walk an imaginary straight line down the office corridor, even though my dogged look was attracting stares. Yesterday I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried. I was lurching around like Jack Sparrow and it wasn't half as funny. Damn middle ear. It always does that, goes offline, for hours or days.

Had something funny to say, but it's forgotten. Having an Oopsy day. And I'm still here. And my colb ib worse. Whimper. Sniffle.

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