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  • Thu, 07:01: RT @RonanFarrow: Maybe the final Bramble Cay melomys died in a group. Maybe one last little rat had a period of solitude before the end, mo…
  • Thu, 07:03: RT @TrekMovie: #TriviaTuesday In the 1967 Gilligan’s Island episode “Lovey’s Secret Admirer”, Bob Denver (Gilligan) wore the same costume t…
  • Thu, 07:11: RT @MuseumofLondon: We Londoners love a good pie and mash, so why not celebrate them by recreating some of our favourite pies in this tasty…
Tags: #terrypratchett, #triviatuesday, #wednesdaywisdom, twitter

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    Sat, 13:14: RT @ museumatFIT: Fashion designer Pierre Cardin was a leader of Space Age fashion, renowned for his avant-garde styles. This 1969…

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    Fri, 13:11: RT @ MoviesSilently: Quick and Dirty Guide to the Original Flash Gordon Serials: The first serial is probably the pulpiest and…

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    Thu, 17:21: RT @ StuartHumphryes: A snapshot of New York life 102 years ago: I have enhanced this autochrome by amateur photographer John B.…

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