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Playing draughts

I’ve no idea what possessed me to wear such a breezy sundress today. Sure, the cherry print is cute, but breezy is the operative word here, as I work near streets that are such wind tunnels I no longer own an umbrella (attempting to use one in the rain is cruel and expensive folly).

Ah well, everyone on the bus copped an eyeful of the old nana knickers as the bus took off with its usual bunny hopping lurch and I tumbled over, this time with no modesty preserving leggings underneath. There were audible groans. Oh dear.

Why am I doing this to myself? Well you may ask. I promised colleagues, and myself, never bare arms or legs unless it goes above 40C. Thus and so, it’s predicted to crack 41 or 42 (depending on your source) and I just about died the other day in my usual dowdies, so sundress, I thought.

Hmm, perhaps not, but too late to do anything about it now (the joy of Sydney – I can’t buy anything my size until I hit the suburbs – the fatty-proof fence).

I have had one adventure this week worth chattering about. Money is a bit tight right now (entirely my fault) but I just had to indulge in one Sydney Festival treat, and I think I chose well. Well, it was cheap-ish (by comparison) and close to the domicile (crikey) but mainly it just looked intriguing, as it was supposed to be a homage to a jazz age Shanghai night club.

So, off to see the entirely fabulous Shanghai MiMi at Riverside I went. And it was everything I’d hoped it would be. Red lanterns, red beaded curtains, shimmering sequined torch singers, acrobats and jugglers and Simon (the choreographer/singer/acrobat wrangler) as the loose-limbed lizardy MC, like some scat cat from an old cartoon. It was magnificent. I posted a couple of pics on Twitter but mainly I was too into the oooh, ah, eep of it all. (Himself also posted some better pics on Instagram).

Meanwhile, at work:

Pilkunnussija (Finnish)

Literally: a comma fucker. A person who corrects trivial and meaningless things


I think that just about covers it. The joy of being in a politically sensitive area during two fast approaching election cycles. At least I resent the 14-hour days slightly less since it’s my only source of air conditioning. Heat stress and sleep deprivation are taking their toll on someone who never previously suffered fools or had a 3 second delay anyway, shall we say. This will not end well, I’ll wager.

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