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Weird, no email from Evil Friends (grrrr) but several pieces of correspondence from folks just crusing by my page. One deardelight even sent me a piccie of M. Biehn. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I might be crappy and miserable, but that sure brightened me up quite a bit. Right now I'd probably post some fic but I haven't written any (see rant below).

(Jen goes off to rummage through what she's written so far). Okay, found something. It's a Buck scene and dearest Buck has been such a comfort to me. Too bad I never got a chance to copy down the siloquay he made on the bus ride home on Saturday about how he wasn't ready to give up on Ezra. He's such a sweetie. I could hear the boy, but alas, I've lost the words now. Anyways, here's a Buck bit I did manage to capture. It's from part six and there are adult themes implied:

    Buck took another speculative sip at his champagne, not sure if he was really cut out as a champagne drinker.

    Chris watched his friend's struggle with the finer things in life with great amusement.

    "Why didn't you hold this shindig out at the house. It has a a bigger ballroom, surely."

    "It's a parlour, and no, it's actually smaller. You've just never seen it crammed full of people like this place. No, Ezra wanted to hold this ball in the centre of town so everyone could come and see the ballroom."

    "He wanted to show off." Chris nodded, not surprised.

    "He wanted to put it in people's minds that they could hire this place for weddings or funerals," Buck corrected, revealing Ezra's far more mercurial plans.

    "Besides, we're in the centre of town, and the house is a ways away. It's just a big, empty house."

    "With no woman in it, just you," Chris noted, sipping at his champagne, understanding Ezra's need not to draw attention to that aspect of his life.

    Buck bristled. "I'm not his wife," he ground out, and Chris backed up a step.

    "I didn't mean it like that."

    Buck considered his fluted glass, rolling it between his fingers. It was a sissy glass, of that there was no mistaking.

    "I don't know what I am," he questioned quietly. "I'm not his partner."

    "Do you want to be?"

    Buck should his head vehemently. "No. I leave all the business to Ezra. I just don't want to know, it's better that way. I just don't like people thinking I'm his kept boy or something."

    "Nobody thinks that," Chris assured. "You're his lover," he reassured Buck.

    Buck nodded, accepting that.

    "Is Ezra's business all legit?" Chris asked, switching into business mode, catching a hint of what Buck had said earlier.

    "Just let it be Chris. Ezra's greased a few wheels, but there's nothing you need to worry about. I'd tell you if there was."

    Chris considered him. "Would you?"

    Buck was affronted. "Yes, I would. For Ezra's sake, as much as yours," he underlined.

    Chris nodded. Alright then. He'd let Buck keep an eye on Ezra, something he'd come to rely on.



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