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  • Wed, 06:29: RT @AMNH: The various 460-mil-yr-old Ordovician outcrops of Ontario, Canada, are among the world’s best trilobite sites. Specimens found he…
  • Wed, 06:30: RT @AshmoleanMuseum: A tiny Japanese ojime bead in the form of an octopus, made in the late 19th century, for #NationalWildlifeDay. See it…
  • Wed, 06:48: RT @kateStrasdin: A burnished orange #1930s silk column that expects to be observed from a distance, as the wearer chats at a party she sho…
Tags: #1930s, #nationalwildlifeday, twitter

  • bitch please

    I was going to say no weeds or household chores were hurt in the making of this post, but I did have a bit of a hack at the jungle on Sunday, and I…

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    There's so much to tell you. On a personal level, things are not as I've still not be able to find a new job. all tips and suggestion will be given…

  • come to naught

    Well, at least that production of Macbeth was ticking all the boxes of my bad production bingo: bare black stage, a wooden chair, a fall of glitter.…

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