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from akire_yta

Wearing: mufti day - nuff said.
Makeup: none
Jewelry: one watch, bought as a replacement for the one that was stolen
Eating: pecan nuts
In your purse: credit cards, bookshop member cards, travel tens (bus e-tickets), security card, house keys, passport, health fund card, Medicare card, video shop card, coffe shop cards, stamps, library cards, union card, phone card, taxi service business card and a celtic pendant (wtf?)
Cell phone ring: don't have one
Desktop picture: frangipani
Last watched on tv: American Outlaws (part thereof)
Plans for today: work, more work, missing Stargate, possibly watching Silent Witness
Plans for tomorrow: breakfast in favourite cafe and shopping for hard to get groceries, weather permitting
Last thing bought: Vanity Fair
Listening to: Triplej
Last showered: This morning
Went to bed/woke up: 4:30 am
I need: a new town where the people are nice
Looking forward to: the possibility of writing and watching Alessandro on tv
Worst part of the day: when head office email
Best part of the day: when I'm asleep
Favorite person of the day: anyone online who makes me laugh
Thinking about: chucking this job and bumming around Europe washing dishes
Current annoyance: head office, state of the house
Current obsession: pretty actors


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