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Wednesday was tv night, aka they night they play Angel three times. Though I missed the first screening due to another late day at work, surprise surprise. I guess a girl can't have everything.

So my first Angel episode of the evening was the pentultimate episode of season 4, which involved a lot of running up and down sewers. How very Doctor Who of them. Still, this has a lovely piece for Wesley, where, despite having been carried off by a slicing and dicing demonic crustacean, Wesley manages to keep his head, literally, and, by being very tricksy, manages to solve the riddle of Jasmine and works how to stop her. It's just lovely to see Wes stand up and be the clever, courageous and insightful man I've always known he was. And of course, there was nobody there to see it, except Angel, who caught only the end of it, the Wes being slapped around like a girl parts of it. Damn.

Still, yay Wes. Though, as the architect of Jasmine's downfall, you can't wonder if that means anything for the last season (whimper). I only say this because in her 'chat' with Gunn, Fred says she'd loathe ending up as a shell, not once, but twice, just in case you missed it the first time. Oh, hello.

Yup, I am a nerd, but I do try to notice these things. Like nobody ever saw past the pratfalls in Buffy S3 but Wes was quite willing to sacrifice Willow to stop the Mayor's ascension (and he did have a point about one life for thousands) and he was quite ruthless re Faith and Angel, too.

So dark, ruthless Wes has always been bubbling away, and I'm pretty sure we'll see more of him before the series closes. I mean, it's a theme. It's like a post US high school spree killing thing, where the revenge of the nerds thing is no longer funny and justified but rather dangerous, uncalled for and deadly (which is a little too black and white and orthodox for my liking, speaking as a nerd persecuted to this day. I think sometimes, although acting out is never a good thing, it's not soley the responsibility of the person acting out against years of abuse).

Look at Wes, Willow, andrew, Jonathan, Warren and Spike. All nerds, all picked on mercilessly for years, all having gone to the darkside. Sure, all but Warren were redeemed to some degree, but still, hello, theme. I mean, Buffy S6 was all about the revenge of the nerds. All of it.

Second Angel was a Lorne episode, which I'd seen before (thank you) and this meant more disco diva, more campiness and it wasn't exactly the best episode, though it planted a few plot points that'll be relevant later, like the Fred/Knox thing.

So the episode was set during the office Xmas party, only, because it's evil W&H, it's a Halloween party instead, because they're naughty pagans and they don't observe Christian festivals (even though it's just Saturnalia, re-branded, but never mind). Really, I know the Christian Right must loathe Angel, but it's alarmingly Christian Right at times. All pagans are evil or suspect in the Buffyverse. But no you say, there was Willow. And I say, so you never saw Buffy season six? Lucky you.

The whole ID Angry, ID Smash thing was a tad trite, and why the hell is Wesley acting like he's never fumbled with a girl's bra before when he drunkenly flirts with Fred. This is the man who kept Lilah panting and moaning for more, yet suddenly he doesn't know his arse from his elbow? Did the mind wipe of season 4 (if only the audience were so lucky) restore his virginity too, like those weird American pledges?

Still, there was the gay demon and his catamite on a leash. That almost made the episode, if nothing else did. And bad Channel Seven for not flashing up a nudity warning. Naked flabby Angel: eeeew. If poor DB had tried to suck his gut in any more I swear his eyeballs would have popped (hey, I can be mean, nobody would offer to pay for my gym membership).

Oh, wait, I did get Angel three times last night, cause he popped up in Buffy. at the end. With the the great lighting and the special Angel lenses that make him all sexy and make me all squishy as I remember just why I was so taken with that vamp in the first place. OMG I am such an Angel/Buffy shipper. Shameful, trite, but there it is. That scene gives me the happies (though she chopped up poor Nathan, boo hoo, and has anyone commented on his wardrobe being exactly that of Jesse Cutler's in Preacher?)

Actually the lighting is much better on Buffy because Spike looks like an old hag of a fag over on Angel. I suspect, because of Gunn, they can't have the lighting too soft, so everyone else has to suffer. Fact of life. TV lighting is often orientated to those with Nordic skin tones, the way the conventions were designed (I swear I read this somewhere), and it's just difficult to light everyone just right. Plus Angel tends to be lit like a supermarket these days anyway. Poor Spike. Somebody should break out the old Cybil Shepherd lense and do us all a favour :D

I also saw a bit of Who, much running up and down of corridors, and Without a Trace. Somebody needs to switch Danny to decafe and do something about his hair, because it was all over the place. Now I grew up watching The Sweeney, so you know it had to be pretty bad before I'd start complaining. alas, no Danny/Martin scenes this episode, or this season, so I'm rapidly losing all interest in this show.

No Miracles. None. No more. Pout. Whine. Whimper.

I was still awake though, because the amount of caffeine I imbibed last night to stay awake had me like 00 after the Angel credits rolled. Of course now I'm more like 00 (ie panda eyes).

Forgot to mention I indulged in campy Trek after This Life the other night. In fact I damn nearly forgot to watch This Life. After Charade I switched off the set and went to bed, and as I snuggled down my subconcious whispered "Jack Davenport" in my ear.

That's nice, I thought, thinking happy Jack thoughts.

"No, you stupid bint. Jack Davenport. On TV. Now!" yells my subconcious in my ear (my subconcious always insults me). Fek. I switch tv back on and I've missed about five minutes or so. Not to worry, I've got it on tape, somewhere, and as of yesterday I now have it on shiny disk. I waited and waited for it to come out here on dvd but it never did then it was deleted in the UK, eeep, but I managed to track down a copy, and it arrived yesterday, yay, and it's in nearly mint condition, yay.

Speaking of Jack, I fear POTC fan fic is much like M7 fan fic, in that it's a pre-requisite that one must have never, ever have seen the source material, not even screen caps, before writing. How else can you explain a story where Norrington has blue-green eyes and Elizabeth is a strawberry blonde? Or does the author posses one seriously frelled downloaded copy? The former, I suspect, alas.

A friend recommended I get some cinamon tea for my troubles, so I ventured into the Hellmouth but the best I could find was some cinamon and apple thing that'll probably be frightful. I did find a bottle of locally made chai syrup though. Like the tea bags I have, it is much stronger and more aromatic (ie bitter and acidic) than the US versions I've sampled, but it's a taste I'm acquiring. I was exhaling chai fumes all last night. It really is strong. I think it's the cloves.

Whilst shopping I was startled and alarmed by some Americans screeching to each other in the biscuit aisle, unable to find their own brands (give NAFTA a year or so, we've already got Oreos, which are bloody awful) but it did remind me to look for more Tim tam contraband to smuggle Stateside. Alas, no hazelnut, but I snagged a packet of Gaiety, because it amused (if AP can keep her paws off 'em). I used to take American fen off to buy Gaytime icecreams, but, alas, I no longer get the opportunity to play host (word must have gotten around - grin). Anyway, I was nearly taken out by some mad woman with a trolley piled so high she could neither see nor steer, so it was exit, stage left, for me. Alas, the bus driver was so late, so so bad, jerking the bus pack and forth at every opportunity, that I toddled off pea green and has to pass off the shopping and cooking to the B Team while I lingered on the couch for a bit. I get terrible travel sick at times, I do. And no, it wasn't just an excuse to watch the last ten minutes of Doctor Who. That was merely incidental. Hmph. The very idea.

Stolen from silverthoughts:

First Online Fandom: Forever Knight

Current Online Fandom: Sharpe, Angel, Mag7, JP3, POTC, SG-1

First Fandom Crush: Prince Planet

First Fanfic Pairing You Wrote: Kirk/Spock (I was 7...)

Last Fanfic Pairing You Wrote: Alan/Billy

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