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here I am now, entertain me

Elijah Wood just sent me a virus. Okay, it wasn't really Hobbit boy but some worm spoofing a fake account, but still. Bad Elijah. I was also virus spammed by Angelus and the UK Daily Telegraph. Hey, some of the addies showing up in my inbox are amusing me, and I'm obviously easily amused.

I got my Audrey last night. Fox Classics played Charade, so I got my Cary, too. yay. I love that fillum so I was happy.

I'd actually intended to spend my Tuesday evening downloading and watching avis and though the contractor arrived late I burst out the door at 6.30 pm with happy thought of quality Del Boy time.

Then it hit me. Great googlymooglies. I stepped out through the glass sliding doors and the hottest March day ever hit me smack in the face and sucked my breath away. Over 40C and literally as hot as Hades, really, actually inside of an oven weather. That is, almost too hot to breathe, too hot to touch metal handles on the bus or the door knob to my room (thank goodness I no longer wear metal glasses frames or they'd have been burning lines into my face as well), the tiles in the bathroom too hot to stand on. Yikes, and yikes again.

So I watered the poor, poor wilty garden and then flopped in front of the tv to slowly melt. Although actually, after spending a muggy week with a hot water bottle, it wasn't too extreme. I was kind of used to it. But that first moment when it hit me, full in the face, woof.

Wow, all that unsubbing sure cut my mail down. I got through it in just over an hour, and that was LJ, Yahoo and my inbox. [stares at PC screen absently]. Okay, I'm bored. Hey, I know, maybe I'll sub to more communities...(No, bad, resist. You wrote several paragraphs of Alan/Billy this morning instead of downloading eye candy. Focus. Concentrate. Discipline. Be productive, not a parasite).

Or, I could actually, like, log on and work...nah...

Oh great, that's just great. Today I actually dressed for summer (as opposed to yesterday and why can't they make dark clothes that aren't thick and wintery cause chicks like me need to wear black in Summer, but never mind) and yup, that's sleet being thrown up against my windows. Damn and blast. Oh well, at least I'm nice and dry in here.

I'm thinking holiday. I know it's entirely the wrong time for me to take a holiday, but there hasn't been a right time. I used to have holidays. I think I shall save up, skip the dvds (though Breakfast at Tiffany's just went on sale at EazyDVD) and go somewhere. Need holiday, or just the hope of one. I used to go on holidays. I'm sure I can still do it. Just hop on a plane and go. Everywhere from here is expensive so I think I'll just stick a pin in a map, as I can't make up my mind, and hope that I don't pick something too adventurous.

Speaking of which, my Aunt went to Egypt again, the one who never subs my name as a qualified volunteer on these trips, and she promised to bring me back something for my (belated) birthday. I said anything old tat from the markets would suit me fine. Truly, just walk into any old market and put her hand on the first piece of tat she sees. I'll be happy. But noooo, she said she couldn't find anything. In all of Egypt, she couldn't find anything she thought I might like. Not even a postcard from the stall at the Departure Gate. Yeah, right. I would have been happy with anything. Absolutely anything. Instead I got nothing. Aged Parent relayed my displeasure and I shan't speak to her until I have to. Hmph.

Well, hell's bells. She bought me lurid purple nylon slacks one year, two sizes too small. I never wear slacks and I'm allergic to nylon. So, okay, I'm not highly rated in her thoughts. But I was really excited with the idea of my promised souvenier from Egypt. I'm so disappointed.

Thank goodness I have good friends who send me little weird and wonderfuls through the post occassionally. Bloody marvellous (and my fridge magnet collection is still outrageous).

Okay, job application of the week submitted. Now onto this mountain of work, which all has to be done yesterday.

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    Quote He lives their ideals the beauty, truth, love and…. Beauty, truth, love, and the other one… Yeah, cross-dressing. And being an overweight single woman.
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    da above ripped from ewan_daily, below tis wp made by me last year in a bored moment


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