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  • Sun, 05:48: RT @FairfaxArchives: A couple on a bench in Belmore Park, Sydney, across Hay Street from the New Tivoli Theatre, on 14 November, 1957. Post…
  • Sun, 05:56: RT @nlagovau: No-one cracks #winter like Frank Hurley. Image: The Endurance trapped in the Antarctic winter darkness, 27 August, 1915. http…
  • Sun, 05:57: RT @FairfaxArchives: #OnThisDay Comedian Spike Milligan poses with his National Trust membership card at the National Trust building on Obs…
Tags: #onthisday, #winter, twitter

  • blow, blow, thou winter wind

    Monday: It's an ill wind and all that, and there is one good thing to have come from the McCarthy witch hunts, albeit indirectly, and that is…

  • a play with songs

    I should probably have to put a little more effort into the housework and stop slacking off so much, I realise, as Miss Havisham's house showed me…

  • the stepford clerk

    FRIDAY: Ooh, I'm getting in trouble for not reading emails. Sorry. Been really, really busy and it's way too hot for my poor old wheezing lap top.…

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